Sunday, July 11, 2010

Prince Goes Crazy

By Mike in Tokyo Rogers

Just a short blog this morning to get you good folks a chuckle or, at least, a WTF?

At least the horse thought this was hilarious

It seems that Prince - you know the artist who made the song "Party like it's 1999" and who fought with his record label so that he could release his tunes on the Internet? The guy who later changed his name to something that looked like a woman's earring or a killer fishing lure?

Yeah. That's him.

OK. Let's go crazy... Just you keep away from the Kool-Aid.

Well, now he says that the Internet is dead. It could be sour grapes because his much touted Internet site has gone bankrupt. Anyway, the Internet is dead so I guess we all need to turn off our computers and start watching TV again.

From the article:

Maybe all this is a sign o' the times, so to speak. After all, it's understandable in this post-Napster age that artists might no longer be in favor of a completely open Internet, since many industry pundits argue that it is illegal file-sharing and even legal free downloads and streams that are responsible for their music biz's current slump. Still, it seems a little silly to expect people to abandon their "digital gadgets" and the online distribution methods (iTunes, Rhapsody) via which the majority of avid music fans play and receive their music nowadays. But, IF Prince is right, then what is going to replace the Internet? Will Prince will release his next album on 8-track, wax cylinder, or in the "smoke signal" format long favored by traditionalists? 
Yes. Good question. Just what does Prince suggest that artists do to get their music out to people? Why he is suggesting that music be given away with newspapers! I'm not kidding!

No, in all seriousness, the distribution model Prince is now favoring his music away free with newspapers.
Yes, Prince's latest CD, 20Ten, will be included with July 10 copies of the Daily Mirror in the U.K. and Daily Record in Ireland, as well as other print publications in Belgium and Germany. For someone making the argument that music is undervalued, Prince has a funny way of proving its integrity when he gives CDs away like shampoo samples. 
Yes. Great idea Prince. Why didn't I think of that when I was in a Punk band in the late seventies? Instead of trying to do something, anything, to get our name out and sell records, I should have just tapped a million dollars out of my bank account and given the stuff away. Brilliant! Why doesn't every starving artist quit complaining about not having fame or enough to eat and just spend a half million dollars on putting their CDs out for free along with newspapers or Domino Pizza deliveries?

And, no fair! What about your fans in Japan!? Don't we deserve free CDs with our tissues we get handed out at the train stations?

See what a life of sex, drugs, and Rock and Roll does to the human brain?



Prince, Napster, Internet, Daily Mirror


Mark said...

Prince has always been a joke. He is a no talent hack that looks like a woman with a fake mustache. Does anybody take him seriously?

Anonymous said...

Mark. I don't think you know too much about music. Even though Prince, or whatever he calls himself these days, is nutty, he is quite a talented musician and a great guitar player and song writer. And I am not even a Prince fan.

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