Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Anti-Banking / Anti-Government Demonstrations Occurring All Over the USA

Could it finally be happening?

Are you aware that huge demonstrations are occurring all over the United States, yet these demonstrations are ignored by the mainstream media? The demonstrations grow in size by the day, yet, as I said, they are ignored.... Even as the New York demonstrations reach nearly one million protestors. This just goes to show how the mass media is all a part of the scam to steal and rob the American public blind. Now, people are fed up with being cheated and getting ripped off by the government and the big banks.... (I did, though, find one major media report just out todayhttp://finance.yahoo.com/news/Wall-Street-protesters-Were-apf-2881190123.html?x=0&sec=topStories&pos=4&asset=&ccode=)

Besides these reports on the Alternative media, basically these demonstrations do not exist as far as the MSM is concerned. But, ignore them or not, people are fed up and rising up.

The danger, as I have repeatedly pointed out, in the government's willful, intentional and repeated refusal to put an end to these abuses is that there is a point at which the people have had enough and will simply not sit for it any more, nor will they believe they can vote for a change and actually receive that change. 

....How many people voted for "change" in 2008 yet did not receive it?
Once that point is reached civil order can be lost, perhaps irretrievably so.
Government, for its part, always seems to believe that this day will never come, no matter the severity of the abuses they tolerate by the rich and powerful, the favors they grant or the screwing they either mete out themselves or allow others to perform in exchange for some renumeration in campaign contributions.  The King of England didn't think the people would snap.  Neville Chamberlain was quite sure that we could have "peace in our time" through appeasement of bad acts by others, in his case Adolph Hitler.  In the more-recent past there was Hosni Mubarak, among others.
Likewise, both President Bush and President Obama have taken this same approach, and have even said in public that we must "move on" and not look to what happened, but to what we can do in the future.
Will this willful refusal to hold people to account for their ponzi schemes in the interest of "Wall Street" and continued pretension that we'll "muddle through" be proved correct in the fullness of time?
Or will, as this video states, the simple fact that once there is nobody left to screw an ugly reality will face those who have been doing the screwing: The man who you have screwed out of everything -- the man with nothing left -- has nothing left to lose.
I do not look forward to the day being proclaimed and looked toward in this presentation.  There is no reason for our political and justice system to have allowed the financial******of our nation and her people, not to mention that of the rest of the developed and developing world.

If you're of the religious sort it would seem that prayer would be appropriate at this time.
Could it be that the end of the American empire is in sight? Could American people finally be waking up? Finally? I wrote about it in 2005 in "America is Bankrupt" and people scoffed. No one is scoffing anymore. 

If things continue as they are going now, things are going to get very ugly folks. 

Make no mistake about it... These events actually started a long time ago... When the US government nakedly committed aggression and invaded a nation that posed no threat to us. That was merely the start of the most recent fire... It began long before that.

This most recent farce and naked aggression has lead led to massive US government borrowing and defense spending and wars against many Muslim nations... Wars that will suck the USA of her riches and treasures dry t the bone... These wars and the military-industrial complex that leads them has led us to the economic malaise we now face and the corruption of the government in bailing out Wall Street and the banks and the Status Quo.

The people finally see what is going on. People are mad, unemployed and, as Gerald Celente would say, "When people have nothing more to lose, they lose it!" 

It will take some time, but could this finally be the end of the US political and economic system? Could it be upon us now? I believe that we are witnessing history.
I wrote about an economic collapse of Japan this autumn (various reasons and due to Europe, USA and other western nations here). Could it be here so soon? 

I don't mean to sound alarmist, but this is a country with many earthquakes and natural disasters anyhow. I suggest that you stock up on food and water and get some gold and silver while you can. It's not like you will lose any money being prepared, right? If you have kids and do not have at least a week of water and food, then you are foolish.

LIVE STREAMING FROM OCCUPY WALL STREET DEMONSTRATIONShttp://thecritical-post.com/blog/2011/10/the-occupy-wall-street-movement-the-biggest-news-story-in-the-world-all-the-latest-news-for-occupy-wall-street-tcpchicago/


Anonymous said...

Oh, it's being seen on the mainstream media. I saw it on a local news channel last night and saw it in the LA Times. As long as we have the great divide between the rich and the poor in America (250,000 millionaires and 45% of the population at poverty level), people will go to the streets. And the numbers are getting larger. Flash mobs that aren't so "whimsical and fun".

Anonymous said...

"could this finally be the end of the US political and economic system? " [Probably as we knew..or thought we knew it.] "Could it be upon us now? I believe that we are witnessing history."

With great sadness, I concur.


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