Saturday, December 17, 2011

Kids Say the Darndest Things

It's a cold Saturday morning in Tokyo and my 8-year old is doing his homework. Sometimes he asks for my help and we look at the questions together.

Like Art Linkletter said, "Sometimes kids say the darndest things!"

There is a True and False section of the homework that my son is doing right now that has to do with Science, specifically Paleontology.

I look at the question. It is about humans and dinosaurs and the time line of their existence on this earth.

The question said, 

"Answer True or False:

'Humans and dinosaurs lived during the same time.'"

I think most adults would just assume that the question means something "did they live together millions of years ago." But my son made me laugh when he read the question out loud. 

He said,

"Humans and dinosaurs lived during the same time!? Duh! No. Do you see any dinosaurs around?"

I said, "No, son. I think they mean a long time ago."

My son retorted,

"No, dad. They don't say "when." They could be talking about yesterday. They just asked if humans and dinosaurs lived together, that's all. I've never seen any dinosaurs around. Have you?"

I chuckled. He had me there.

"Nope. You're right." I answered.

Kids certainly do say the darndest things.  

1 comment:

Andrew Joseph said...

I used to watch that show. Right now, with my 6-yr-old, I get a daily barrage of stuff that if I was a writer, I would be writing down. Crap! I should be writing this stuff down!
Well done, Mike!

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