Sunday, December 25, 2011

Shopping on Christmas Day!? Are You Nuts?

I just had the misfortune of being tortured for thirty minutes in being seated in an area where a TV set was on and the channel was on Fox News.

Oh, the horrors!

Besides the usual litany of fluff, they actually showed shopping malls packed with people doing their Christmas shopping on Christmas Day! Are these people nuts?

Haven't any of them ever heard of the Internets?

Time is the only nonrenewable resource, my friends. Don't waste it on shopping (or going out anywhere for that matter) that is packed with people, during a rush, and the parking lots are full.

Spend that time with your family instead.

This is what I do every year instead of the Christmas rush.
You can do this too!

Here's my hint (and it's no big secret): Do all your Christmas shopping starting 12/26 until 1/30. I do. In fact, I've done that every year for the last ten years or so.

I have an eight year old son. I finished all his big Christmas items shopping at the start of 2010. I bought this year's presents for him in 2010...In fact, I have his big Christmas items already bought for 2012 and 2013.

In my case, it's pretty easy, I suppose. It's simple to figure out what a Star Wars crazy six-year-old kid would want in the next few years. I bought the big Star Wars items that retailed for $500 - $600 at 44% off (about) through Amazon.

You can do it too.

Save yourself time and money. Start your Christmas shopping (preferably online) from tomorrow until about Feb. Save a ton of money and time.  


Andrew Joseph said...

Well... Christmas IS a Christian religious holiday (sort of)... so the rest of the world that isn't shouldn't be penalized... but... I do know what you mean.
Cheers, Mike!
Merry Christmas!

boo said...

Someone here has to contact Mike and inform him that his site has been hacked. Yesterday, the real Mike told us all to turn off our electronic devices for two days, so the real Mike would never post on Christmas Day! The real Mike is spending time with his family!
But seriously, Merry Christmas, Mike!

mike in tokyo rogers said...

Thanks Boo!
You will soon learn that I was a hypocrite in that I did post on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I hope you will also forgive me for my hypocrisy as I was on vacation with my family in Guam for the Christmas Holidays. I had prewritten those articles before I left Japan and forced myself to do no more than 15 minutes on the computer each day (before my son and wife woke up)... Darned difficult to go most of the days without a digital device...
Anyhow, Christmas in Guam just doesn't seem like Christmas... It was 80+ degrees Fahrenheit and everyone was walking around in bathing suits....

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