Sunday, September 16, 2012

Historical Chinese Records, Documents and Books Recognize Senkaku as Part of Japan

Now here's an interesting bit of information.... Historical records, documents and book from the Chinese government show that China in the past has recognized Senkaku as Japanese territory... 

Perhaps those who claim that the recent troubles and anti-Japanese demonstrations in China are just the Chinese government fanning the flames of nationalism to take the minds of the citizenry off of domestic problems caused by the government's incompetence could be correct?

From Wikipedia:

After a number of Chinese were rescued from a shipwreck in 1920, a letter purportedly sent to Japanese fishermen by the Chinese Consul Feng Mien (冯冕/馮冕) in Nagasaki on behalf of the Republic of China (中華民國) on May 20, 1921, made reference to "Senkaku Islands, Yaeyama District, Okinawa Prefecture, the Empire of Japan". The letter is on exhibition at Yaeyama museum.

The Washington Times claims that this is a map from the PRC in 1969 that shows Senkaku as Japanese territory.

The People's Daily, a daily newspaper, which is the organ of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), had written in 1953 that Senkaku Islands was a part of Japanese territory.

The Washington Times stated that they obtained a classified map made by the PRC's map authority in 1969 apparently listing the "Senkaku Islands" as Japanese territory.

A World Atlas published in October 1965 by the National Defense Research Academy and the China Geological Research Institute of Taiwan records the Diaoyu Islands with Japanese names: Gyochojima (Diaoyu Islands), Taishojima (Chiwei Island), and Senkaku Gunto. In the late 1970s, the government of ROC began to recall these books, but it was too late.

This is a letter sent from the Republic of China consul to Nagasaki written on May 20, 1921. The letter referred to "Senkaku Islands, Yaeyama District, Okinawa Prefecture, the Empire of Japan".

A world atlas published in November 1958, by the Map Publishing Company of Beijing, treats the Senkaku Islands as a Japanese territory. A state-prescribed textbook published in 1970 in Taiwan treated the islands as Japanese territories.

Digging a bit deeper, it seems that the Chinese government had recognized Senkaku as Japan until the seventies when oil was discovered near the islands.

Again, a war over resources? When will we ever learn? 


diego.a said...

Can't most of the blame be put on the US?

Granted, govts are organized mafias no matter their race/gender/culture. However, China may not feel the need to do these things when it comes to oil if the US was not trying to destabilize Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia, and Iran. Plus setting up a global US base system despite claims of a withdrawal. Plus Obama's increased Asian militarism.

China may feel boxed in and does not want to be embargoed to weakness the way the US did to Japan, Iraq, and Iran.

mike in tokyo rogers said...

Very interesting point. Interesting indeed. I thought you were going to blame the USA after WWII and strong-arming countries to accept terms with Japan (for fear of communist take over of Asia)... You are right about the current situation. Well done.

Anonymous said...

It seems that the protests are rather well organized in such a short time frame.
Nonetheless the photos are rather terrifying.

Images of anti-Japanese Protests

Anonymous said...

Well done, Mike! My (Japanese) wife knew of this, but it's good to get this info out there. Welcome to the free market, China!

Anonymous said...

It would be wise for American (and European) companies in China to take a close look at this as well. If they will do this to Japan, they will do it to the US when the occasion arises. How safe is it to invest in such a country? I wouldn't unless I felt I could afford to suddenly lose it all at any point in the future over some obscure political ploy.

Anonymous said...

I witness just how divisive nationality is,

closer in sight but not in view, is that our humanity precedes our nationality.

What infants we are.

Trashing "japanese" cars owned by "chinese" made of metal ore extracted in "africa" sitting on rubber from "thailand" and plastics made from oil in "Arabia".

Just what is from where? and who is what?

Where does this ownership issue come from? When will we see through it?

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