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Cool and Strange Music - Just Who is Jack Trombey?

The reaction to the last Cool and Strange music (Cool & Strange Music - East Meets West Jan. 27, 2013) was quite satisfying to say the least. Thank you. 

Actually it was almost all about a music genre that most people haven't heard of but they hear it everyday; it's called "Library Music." It's the kind of music that's used for background music on movies, TV shows and TV commercials. It's everywhere and some of the best music being made today - or at anytime in the days of film and mass media - has been made by "Library" musicians and composers.

That's what the last Cool and Strange was about and that's what today's Cool and Strange is all about: Library Music. 

What really surprised me about the last Cool and Strange post, was that I have several inquiries concerning the Morphine Mambo Jazz Club... The majority of which were the questions, "Who are these people?" and "Where can I get their music?"

Well first off,…

Cool & Strange Music - East Meets West Jan. 27, 2013

Recently I've been getting into Cool and Strange music (like I used to) because I find that very few Pop music artists of today really make me feel a sense of fascination.... There are some. I like the Jigsaw Seen, Eux Autres... And, now that I think about it, those two acts have songs that could qualify as Cool & Strange! So, let's let them in on the act!

Here are some Cool and Strange artists I have discovered just recently (even though these songs and artists are from long ago). Enjoy East Meets West Cool and Strange Music!

Arakawa Yasuo - Locoweed
Arakawa Yasuo - Shiji Shiroo - Baby
Arakawa Yasuo has been a "sort of" famous Jazz musician in Japan since the early seventies. Yasuo Arakawa graduated from the Berklee College of Music. While living in the USA, he appeared in Jazz clubs and also performed in the orchestra pit of a Broadway show. Some of the famous musicians he's played for include, Charlie Mariano, Roy Haynes, Chick Corea, Joe Williams, and Sam Riv…

Now You Can Kill Just Like the President Does! Hilarious! Toy Drones on Sale on Amazon!

There's a hilarious new toy on sale on Amazon that has got to be making president Obama grimace. It's a toy Predator drone and it's just like the real thing! That's right! Now you can be the Decider and you can act out your own fantasies assassinating bad guys and American citizens just like the president does! Wow! What fun for the whole family! 

You know, this drone is a mini replica of the kind of drone the leader of the Free World, the president of the USA, uses to "Take out the trash!" (execute "terrahists," civilians - old men and women, pregnant ladies and small children too!) in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen and who knows where else? Your imagination is the limits!

Well, actually, I don't think it is really on sale. Someone has spoofed the system and put the item on sale, but it is listed as "Currently unavailable" (sold out!).

Product Features Includes: *US Air Force Medium Altitude, Long Endurance, Unmanned Aerial Vehicl…

Japanese Exports Worldwide are Crashing

There's a bunch of confused people who think, because the yen is going down and the Nikkei is going up, the Japanese economy is on the mend. They are completely wrong. Japanese exports to China and to the entire world are crashing.In November they were down 14.5%; in December, 15.8% to ¥906 billion. Worst hit were cars, trucks, and parts (-47.5%), machinery (-22.2%), and electrical machinery, which includes tech products like semiconductors (-16.8%). Imports from China edged down by 2.1% to ¥1.24 trillion. And the trade deficit jumped by 76.8%.This debacle is unrelated to the strength of the yen. It’s caused by the deteriorating relationship between two of the world’s largest trading partners. And, folks, that's not all good about the yen decline. In fact, it couldn't be worse.Knocking the yen off its lofty perch—it’s down 11% against the dollar and 15% against the euro since November—won’t have much impact. In that respect, Abe’s cure won’t work.Then there’s Europe. In D…

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words...

Why US policy is a failure in the Middle East... 

Why Central Bank policy is a failure all over the world...

(That's me - or at least how I feel when I'm at work most of the time....)
Actually, though, this photo went along with an article about how Central Bank intervention and currency manipulation won't work....

Also for your reading pleasure (sorry folks, been super busy and haven't had the time to write! Will later today.... Maybe...)... Try reading these on for size... I'm extremely bearish on everything except precious metals... The yen? Get out while you can!

Japan Unveils Extensively Priced In "Open-Yended" Monetization News
In the most anticipated (and likely most strawman/leaked) policy actions, the BoJ and the Japanese government (still independent entities theoretically) have unveiled the new monetary policy to complement the $116bn fiscal stimulus plan to boost growth:*BOJ TO ADOPT 2% INFLATION TARGET*BOJ WILL INTRODUCE OPEN-ENDED PURCHASING FROM …

Julie Live! Valentines Day 2013! In Shibuya!

Julie Valentine's Day Live!Feb. 14, 2013 at Shibuya Last Waltz

Japan's Sultry Jazz Newcomer Julie to Appear Live in Feb. 14, 2013 at Shibuya Last Waltz. 

I wrote about Julie and her team. Please refer to Female Japanese Jazz Musician Breaking into Italy and the West:

"...the other day, I saw something that really made my heart sing and think, for the first time in a long time, "Wow! Here's some Japanese people who are really going for it and trying to sell their product, not only in Japan but around the world!" I went to a live jazz performance of a new artist named Julie.

It was a refreshing evening. It made my heart sing to hear REALLY top quality world-class performers doing music with style....
...Meet Jazz singer Julie. Her latest EP (now on sale on Amazon) is a refreshing break from the typical pop music scene. Julie does Jazz and in the traditional mode. The EP has been released in Italy and was produced, directed, recorded, engineered, mastered by an Ital…

Bobby's Bar - Cool Japanese Psychobilly Rock Band from Tokyo!

I just made the debut video for a Japanese Rock-a-Billy, er, I mean, Psychobilly band from Tokyo named Bobby's Bar. These folks are tight as hell and have an awesome look.

Bobby's Bar
I've mentioned before that I make promotion videos for free for bands to help them (they don't have any money) and I want to pay back to music for the great life it has given me.

Bobby's Bar is a trio with Naoya on guitar, Sharky of stand-up bass and Mira Kuru on drums....

On, and by the way, there is a burlesque dancer in the video too. Her name is Miwa Rock. When we saw her perform we were blown away. It reminded me of the throwback to strip or burlesque dancing from the 1940 or 50s. She says that there is a burlesque boom going on with the young people in Tokyo and it is, in part, due to to the film "Burlesque" featuring Dita Von Teese. Miwa Rock isn't just your average everyday sexy Japanese girl stripper... Er, maybe that didn't come out right... Anyway, Miwa Rock i…

The United States Committed at Least Two Acts of War Against Japan Before Pearl Harbor

I can hear everyone say, "NO! Japan attacked the USA first!"
If you mean that the Japanese bombed the military base of Pearl Harbor, before the US ever bombed the Japanese, then that is not exactly true. 

If you mean that Japan committed acts of war against the United States first, before Pearl Harbor, then the answer is a definitive, "No!" 

The United States committed at least two acts of war under international law against Japan before December 7, 1941. They were:US military pilots — 40 from the Army Air Corps and 60 from the US Navy and Marine Corps — in a clandestine operation organized by and funded by the Whitehouse — flying bombing missions against Japanese forces in the famed Flying Tigers as early as 1937.* These people did “volunteer” to fly for the Flying Tigers but they were paid employees of the US government. US pilots flying bombing missions for the Chinese was an act of war under international law by America against Japan. Even with the weak argument t…

Japan's Debt Explosion Coming Up


"Japan is spending 25% of its total government tax revenue on interest on debt. It spends 50% on servicing that debt…" - Kyle Bass
Some guy wrote and said that he thinks the Japanese economy is going to be going great within a year. And he thinks I am insane to think otherwise. Well, it's impossible to pick an exact date, but I think it is pretty sure that I am going to be the last one standing here.

I predict that the debt to GDP level in Japan is going to surpass over 250% this year and with it, a crash of the economy coming soon (not to mention overwhelming inflation)... I have been warning that this debt problem cannot continue. In Japan is Collapsing, I wrote

I am angry at the stupid Japanese government for taking our tax money and bailing out these zombie banks and keeping the status quo intact at the expense of the people and our children's future. I am furious that the situation has gone on for so long. I am angry that it is not only us who is feelin…