Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What is an "Assault Rifle"? Should They Be Banned? The Facts:

I have been railing on the idea that guns should be controlled or banned in the USA. I do that because it is obvious that inanimate objects do not control human behavior. (For more on that read: Obesity is the Number 1 Problem Facing America Killing Over 300,000 a Year! - Ban Spoons! Enforce a "No Pie Zone" Over the USA!)

Usually when I do write about "gun control" I get some silly illogical mail from some people that merely tout nonsense and has no sound logic as a basis for discussion. Basically, I get the "You are a member of the NRA!!!!" (Nope. I don't even think there is an NRA in Japan.)

But today, I did get one email that is rational. It's from Bill.

Please read:

I think there is a misunderstanding about gun control and gun bans. I personally do not own a gun and have only fired a hunting rifle. But I do think that in America that there should be a right to own guns. But my question to the people that want to own assault weapons is this: why? Anyway, this gun violence in America is more than just guns. It's violence. And mental health. The country after Reagan closed most of the Federally funded mental institutes in the 80's let all of those individuals out on the streets. The place that many of them now reside. The other home for them is prisons. As if that's not a tax payer burden. So maybe the country is not doing enough to assist and protect its citizens. Instead the gov't spend tons on wars. And another reason that all of this violence? The society here in America. Or better yet, the government breeds violence. We're violent country. There were 20 kids killed in CT recently and that's horrible. But American troops kill endless amount of children in foreign wars all the time. Where's the outrage about that? But back to my first question. Why do you or anybody need to own an assault rifle? And the answer is not the 2nd Amendment. That's not a good enough answer. I wouldn't mind hearing one.

- Bill

Thanks Bill. It's nice to get a mail that's not written from someone who is foaming at the mouth. I agree about the foreign wars and killing kid and violent country part, but I think, Bill, that your argument is solid up to that point. Please see the video below as to why.

Anyway, thanks Bill. Here is what I wrote back:

Bill, Thanks. You ask a good question. May I humbly suggest that you get better information on what you are talking about? Specifically, "What is an 'Assault rifle'? Please watch this video made by a former policeman with testimony from the Bureau of Tobacco Alcohol and Firearms: "What Is An "Assault Rifle"? - You've Probably Been Lied To" (

Now, you tell me: In a nation that was built on violent revolution and gun ownership with such a violent history of murder (War Between the States killing over 700,000 Americas), genocide (American natives estimated over 4 million dead), the largest prison population in the world (over 2 million people in prison), an out of control level of urban violence (gangs) and constant foreign war and police brutality in general - along with the fact that there are now over 300 million guns in a nation with the population of 311 million people... The utter idea that gun control will work seems preposterous on the face of it.

I wonder if Head-banger Jason, now a member of the Crips, or Renaldo, member of the bloods, will turn in their guns... Sure if they trust each other to do so...)

For more on the absurdity of thinking inanimate objects cause crimes, see: Obesity is the Number 1 Problem Facing America Killing Over 300,000 a Year! - Ban Spoons! Enforce a "No Pie Zone" Over the USA!

Also watch: "Choose Your Own Crime Stats" (The stats they'd rather you not hear). (

NOTE: I have owned guns before and hunted before. But I don't like guns at all and, of course, do not own one now. (If I lived in the USA, I would and I'd be trained on how to use one)... But my entire reason for writing these things is that I don't believe that I have the right to tell you how you should live and what you should do. Nor do you have the right to tell me what to do and how to live. The federal government certainly does not.

To outlaw law abiding citizens from owning an inanimate object on their property (and on themselves) is the opposite of freedom. I write these things because people need to wake up and see that this is not really an issue about guns, it is an issue about freedoms.

To control guns means that you just create another excuse for the police to come on your private property and take away your right to peace and privacy. Why people cannot see that astounds me. 


Andy "In Japan" said...

Every individual has their own reasons for owning things. That includes guns, so called assault rifles, cars, speed boats, spoons, houses, everything. They own things because they find value in them for subjective reasons.

There is no need to explain to or convince a third party as to why we might want to own something. We may or may not be able to offer an explanation, we may merely feel like owning something. The fact that we acquire is proof that we found value in the item.

Why does Bill need to own that dangerous speedy sports car? Why does he need to smoke? Why does he need to drink booze or eat brie? People get in accidents or get sick and die if they use those items? Is it not presumptuous of me to demand that Bill or anyone else explain their preferences to me?

I do, for real, have 1 question for Bill. Why would anyone want to imprison someone for owning a gun even though they never committed a crime and were totally innocent? Can Bill answer that?

Bill said...


Actually, Mike answered or helped me understand exactly what an assault weapon is and the fact that they are already illegal to own in America. So, that kind of answered my question as in probably most people don't have a desire to own one.

Now to answer your question. First off, I personally would not lump an assault or semi automatic non hunting rifle in with automobiles, cheese, houses or things like that. Ok, call me a pacifist. I am anti violence and anti war. "Can't we all just get along?' Apparently not. But back to the question; I don't know. I don't think anyone who has not committed a crime or are totally innocent should be imprisoned for owning a gun. And I never implied that either. That has to be answered by someone who does feel that way. I mean, do you want to own an assault rifle? If yes, why? That's no different than me asking if you like fast cars. I might ask, why? A simple non judgmental...ok, it can be judgmental but what the heck.

And as I stated to Mike that I don't think that using the old "cuz the 2nd Amendment says I can" thing. Remember that that was written 230 years ago by a bunch of white MEN for white MEN. People were not equal and all people in this country did not experience "FREEDOM" back then.

Mike is right that trying to ban guns now after so many guns are in the population is pretty near impossible and overall, the citizens would not like it.


mike in tokyo rogers said...

Hi Bill,
Thanks. Well, after listening to your spiel here, I'd hold up a beer glass and toast with you and Andy (clink) and say, "Well, Bill, maybe it is 230 years old, but people are not equal and people in this country do not experience "FREEDOM" now."
I do not trust the government at all.
Take care!

Bill said...


My spiel was just a response to Andy's spiel. That's all. Thought I needed to explain myself. And actually, I was going to add to my sentence " did not experience "FREEDOM" then." and add "and are still fighting for it to this day. Some things have gotten better and some things have become worse. There will never ever be a perfect nation. Sorry folks, not being negative, just realistic. America is today's great empire. and if nothing else, history tells us that that won't last forever. I ain't ready to bail and move to another country...yet.


Anonymous said...

I've begun to think they are trying to provoke a fight in order to snuff the baby, so to say.

They want a fight.
They are bullies.
Bullies push and push and push until the other pushes/punches back and then all heck breaks out.

The bully can claim not to be the one who started it, while claiming the upper hand with mass-man, all to advantage. Maybe?

Is mass-man always an idiot?

Bill: "I personally would not lump an assault or semi automatic non hunting rifle in with automobiles, cheese, houses or things like that."

Cars,... really? Why not?

Tools are tools.

Would you lump a metal pipe and a pile of flour into a different pile from a semi-auto?

In a way, this whole gun grab thing seems to be a move by unions to restrict tools and toolmaking. Food too.

Always 'they' work towards the same ends.

- IndividualAudienceMember

Anonymous said...

Bill, I think you and I know that we can drive an Abrams tank right through the old "it's a tool/inanimate object" argument. Yeah, why don't we just let anyone buy their bunker busting bombs on Amazon. Cause people need FREEDOM.

mike in tokyo rogers said...

Anonymous, your argument is totally illogical. The reason you can't buy a bunker busting bomb on Amazon is because Amazon is in business to make money (it's called the Free market)... No one wants to buy a Abrams tank or bunker busting bombs on Amazon. For example, Mr. confused, you CAN buy flame throwers etc, if you want (Don't believe me? Do a google search)... Just go to any Army Surplus for flame throwers... Bombs? No. They are not sold because bombings are done with homemade bombs - duh! Just to show how confused you are, here's a quiz: Name the Top 6 mass murders in US history (hint: none of them involved guns - nor store bought weapons of any kind). They are:
1) 2001 September 11 incident Over kills over 3000
2) 1995 Oklahoma City bombing kills 168 people
3) 1974 TWA Flight 841: Bomb kills 88
4) 1927 Bath School Disaster kills 45
5) 1962 Continental Airlines Flight 11 bombing 45 Dead
6) 1920 Wall Street bombing killed 38 people and wounded 300 others.

(Honorable mention?) 89 people killed in 1987 Bali Bombing with homemade gasoline can bomb... So, what were you guys saying about inanimate objects or guns making it easier to kill?

mike in tokyo rogers said...

You guys are confused. This is about freedom. People should be allowed to do as they please with their property (that includes themselves) as long as they do not hurt other people. Can't you see the slippery slope you go down when you become subjective about something, like, say, guns? Why not drugs then? Why not outlaw gay lifestyles? Why not make glass and knives illegal? See? My point is quite objective. Yours is totally subjective and up to the whims of the people in power. How about a hard-core Christian in power? Let's make alcohol and cigarettes illegal! Hell, people who think like you made not fastening seat belts a crime. That's asinine. If someone doesn't want to fasten their seat belts, if they want to be stupid then LET THEM They aren't hurting anyone. Why do you want to make criminal that which law biding people, who harm no one, wish to do? Don't you see that when you make criminal these sorts of things, it only makes a situation where the police can and will invade our privacy and help to grow the police state. Pay attention to what is going on!!! See: Obesity is the Number 1 Problem Facing America Killing Over 300,000 a Year! - Ban Spoons! Enforce a "No Pie Zone" Over the USA!

Anonymous said...

The "inanimate object" argument that says that objects do not control human behavior is solid and completely logical. Anyone who says they can drive a tank through it is just plain wrong. MIke's article on how spoons cause people to over eat is spot on... Now, I don't like guns and want something done, but we need a better argument than "guns cause gun crimes." Norway has the highest gun per capita in Europe yet the lowest crime rate (second is Switzerland)... Denmark, on the other hand has almost no guns yet, by far, the highest murder and violent crime rate in all of Europe. This proves that guns do not cause crime, does it not? I wish for a world free of guns (no war, no police). We need better arguments and proof than just sloganeering. Ciao! Enrico Caratolli (Italy)

Bill said...

- IndividualAudienceMember

I think your comment started out with something from another thread. Made no sense at all. Anyway, I disagree about a tool is a tool. I mean, you're a tool but different than other tools. Just a joke. But really, if you look on wikipedia (yes, anyone can use what source they want to get their info) for GUN , it says, "A gun is a weapon designed to discharge a projectile." The key word here is weapon. Fromthe time a gun is made, it's is a tool made as a weapon.Yes, a car, a rock, a kitchen knife, etc can be used as weapons. So, to ME, there is a difference. To you, no. We'll just have to disagree on it.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 9:29 says, "we can drive an Abrams tank right through the old "it's a tool/inanimate object" argument." Then proceeds to not do so. Typically ignorant argument of the solidly numbskull left.

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