Prepare For a Shock! This Video is a Top Recommended on YouTube Japan

This particular video is on the top rotation for recommended video in Japan as of this very moment. It is a video that shows a tattoo convention in Columbia with some pretty horrible piercings (I mean like meat hook size piercings)...

Call me old-fashioned but I was blown away that this was a highly recommended video on YouTube Japan....


Many of the comments (written in Japanese, of course) were things like; "This makes me sick just watching it."

But, regardless of what I think, tattoos and piercing are extremely popular among young Japanese today... I once asked a young guy why he had some many tattoos all over his body and he replied, "I want to be different!" To which I said, "You mean like all your friends..."

He answered, "Yeah!"

This is a video taken from a tattoo convention in Columbia. of the International Tattoo Convention. I think it is disgusting... But, I reckon that, this is what 20-somethings like these days.

I can't embed this video as it is locked... Doubt that I would embed it even if I could.

Watch the video at your own risk:


Anonymous said…
Oh man! I can't believe that!
Anonymous said…
That's simply disgusting...
Zanchito said…
That's some mighty self control and pain / stress / fear management. Maybe you can't appretiate it, but it takes a lot of discipline and skill to be able to do that.
Zanchito is right. I figure these guys & girls must have some VERY incredible mond control! This freaks me out but there are lots of things in this world that freak me out and this wouldn't be one f the most extreme, I think.

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