Sunday, June 3, 2012

Internet Advertising? Cars? Check... Make Money at Home? Check... Dating Shemales?... Wait! What!!!???

Probably everyone has heard the story about General Motors Automobile Company dropping all their Facebook advertising because no one clicks on Facebook ads? Yeah?

Well, perhaps it isn't a problem with Facebook. Perhaps it's a problem with what is being advertised and how it is being presented. I mean, who wants to click on an Internet ad just to see some dumb commercial that you can see on TV? Not me. I hate TV!

Well here's an ad you won't see on TV - ever! And it really caught my eye! I was just reading stuff at Zerohedge and saw an ad for, get ready for it.... Dating with Shemales!

There it is, on the left!

Now, I don't date Shemales and have nothing against anyone who does...but I have never seen any advertising like this! I might click it just to go see WTF is this????

Well, I clicked it and it's for real. It is a dating service for men and women and people who might like Shemales.... Ultimately, I gather it is a dating service for people who are very open-minded and not judgmental about what other people do in their bedrooms - quite unlike the weirdoes and fascists who think it's their business what other people do.

Well, I don't care what other people do and I am happy to see a community of people who seem to feel the same.

My thinking about this? I have enough of my own problems to worry about without having to worry about someone else's problems (or what they do inside of their own homes!) -- Especially someone I don't even know.

I hope someone can become happy through a dating service or any of the other old-fashioned ways. Lord knows we could use all the happiness we can get in this world!

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Anonymous said...

As you must know, Google ads are tailored to the users, based on past browsing information and more. I got an ad for cute blouses in the very spot, though, as a big guy, I've never been keen on wearing women's clothing. Maybe Google knows I have moobs.
So you got pegged by Google as a shemale dating kinda guy, and I got pegged as a cross-dresser. This is the laser targeted advertising that has made Google rich, and its advertisers poor.
Besides, shemales are easy enough to meet in Tokyo - who would go for this service?

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