Friday, June 29, 2012

Take This Job and Shove It! Nagoya Bus Driver Walks Out on the Job!

Have you ever thought “F*ck this! I quit!” But were too wimpy (like me) to actually get up and walk out? 

Well, according to Mainichi News, this one bus driver in Nagoya did exactly that yesterday.

It seems that the bus driver, who is unnamed, was driving a bus leaving Takahata station in Nagoya for the Nagoya City bus company. This bus route leaves the station every 12 minutes. At 1 pm he was scheduled to go on his drive. There were eight passengers on the bus. When the driver was approached by an old man and asked for directions, the driver helped the old man and this caused the bus to leave the station a minute or two late.

The male passengers on the bus began to shout at the driver “Hurry up!” “Let’s get going!” (In most assuredly a rude manner). So, just after the bus departed Takahata station, the driver slammed on the brakes of the bus, got up from the driver’s seat, and simply walked out. Just like that.

He later said that he “Had to get out of the driver’s seat to calm down.”

When the passengers realized that their bus driver abandoned, er, ship... They called the bus service who quickly sent out a staff member (full of bows and apologies, I’m sure) to handle the situation.

By the time the staff member arrived, five of the eight passengers were gone so the staff member put the remaining three on another bus.

It seems that twice in the past this driver has been in altercations while driving and might have a short temper. One time he was driving along and arguing with the driver of another car so he “Mad Max-ed” the other car by ramming into the side of it with his bus....He got a three month suspension for that.


Another time, it seems this guy was pissed off at a passenger so when the passenger was either trying to get on (or off) the bus, he intentionally closed the bus door and sandwiched the passenger in it. He received a warning for that!

Ha! Ha! Ha!

The funniest part about the story is that the bus company says they are now considering firing the guy! Really?

How could they even consider firing an employee like this with such a sterling record of ramming cars with his bus and torturing and abusing passengers? I say promote him or make a TV show about his life. 

It's be a hit!


Jimbo said...

I love that incidents like this, which probably happen daily in any given American city, make headline news in Japan. His boss must be a family member for him not to have gotten fired yet.

Gimmeabreakman said...

Damn! You beat me to the story! Good job!
I'll add a link to your story in the description of this video:
バス運転手 逆ギレ Nagoya Bus Driver Loses It! (JNEWS!)

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