Saturday, June 30, 2012

Awesome Documentary About Japan Self-Defense Force and the Reaction March 11, 2011 Tsunami & Nuclear Disaster; Never Before Seen Jaw-Dropping Videos

This is in Japanese but you don't need to speak Japanese to get the drift of what is going on here. It is a documentary about how the Japan Self-Defense Force reacted to the tsunami disaster on March 11, 2011. There are many clips here that have never before been seen that were shot from Self-Defense Forces buildings and helicopters.

Awesome stuff.

Of course, I am not pro-military but I think this shows one of the the big differences between Japan and the USA. This is what today's Japanese military does; it protects the nation and saves lives... Today's American military? Bombing people and killing people (American's too) around the world 24/7? The US military is certainly NOT protecting American freedom and democracy in any way shape or form. I wrote about that in Used By the State, Even in Death.

Consider the reaction of both militaries to natural disasters; Japan after the tsunami and the US military after Katrina.


Anonymous said...

Unfair comments. Killing is what the military is built to do in every country. The USA military also saves lives, though you're welcome to argue that those are outweighed by the killing.
Comparing the military reponse to the tsunami and Katrina is apples and biwa. The USA military doesn't have the same domestic role as Japans. And if they did, they'd have to deal with public disorder and violence on a scale not usually seen in Japan. Like you, I'm not impressed with the direction the USA is taking, but it's a bit much to call one military warm and cuddly just because they see very little action, or to accuse another of just being all about killing when you know they have plenty of decent people trying to do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Didn't realize you'd buy Japanese propaganda so readily.

mike in tokyo rogers said...

Fellow Americans,
Get that Goddamned chip off your shoulder and open your eyes! For one, I can tell that you both (Anonymous) cannot speak Japanese well enough to comprehend this video. There is no "Rah! Rah! Japanese Military" in this video at all. It is an an account of how the Jietai was used to react to the tsunami and nuclear disaster. There was absolutely nothing about, "Be All You Can Be" sort of propaganda (that Americans are indoctrinated with 24/7) in this video at all. "Killing is what the military does in every country"? Bullshit! Here is video proof of one country that doesn't and there are dozens of nations around the world who are not involved with invasions and nation building like the USA is. "If killing is what the military is built to do in every country" were logical justification then you are saying that the US military (and now National Guard) are justified in killing US citizens on US soil in violation of the The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 is OK like they did when they shot and killed US citizens at "Ken State". Or when citizens were killed by police at"Danzinger Bridge Shootings".
Like I said, I am not pro-military, but the Japanese Self-Defense force is the closest to what a military is supposed to be: a force to protect the nations borders and react to natural disasters. NOT like the US military is today in violation of Posse Comitatus or invading foreign nations and killing foreigners (men, women and children) 24/7. Get you heads out of your asses, America. Look at what 150 years of unbridled Imperialism has brought you. Wake up.

Aaron Egon Moser (Confederalist) said...

It was so sick that during Hurricane Katrina they had to call members of the Louisiana national guard home from Iraq because they did not have enough at home. The constitution does not even give Congress or the president the power to send the National Guard (Militia) overseas.

Anonymous said...

I don't see anywhere that Mike said anything "warm and fuzzy" about any military. Maybe he's about some people having a chip on their shoulders! Today's US military is filled with criminals and gang members... Sure there may be a few trying to do the "right thing."... And that "right thing" would be getting the hell out of the military:

Anonymous said...

From my remarks about your comments, which were entirely in English, you surmise I can't speak Japanese? I would have thought you weren't talking to me if you hadn't added "both."
As for the rest, you argue new points - most of which I agree with. I was simply discussing your first comments, and pointing out that the military are not all bad (or all good) anywhere. And they all are there to kill, though they may not be doing it at the moment. That's the difference between a military and, say, a rescue team.
Argue with me all you want - I've already voted with my feet, and have no plans to return to the US. But I will never confuse an army with a rescue team - they have distinct roles, and you can't know how one will behave until you see them in action. With thuggish politicians and an increasingly boorish population, you can hardly pin all the blame on US military personnel. Anon 1.

mike in tokyo rogers said...

Thanks Anon 1.
I appreciate it. I still think you miss the point. A military (especially the US military) is not for the defense of the USA (and, "There is not to be a standing army" according to the founding fathers). To say that "not all military" are bad is the same excuse that was rejected at Nuremberg, "Just following orders." If the military is not defending our borders against invasion and is fighting overseas, then they are all guilty. Period. They took a vow to protect the constitution and disobey illegal orders. That they do not makes them collaborators. Lawrence Vance writes volumes on this subject. Here is a good one:

mike in tokyo rogers said...

Oh, but I do (sort of) sympathize with this: "With thuggish politicians and an increasingly boorish population, you can hardly pin all the blame on US military personnel." STILL, they took a vow to uphold the constitution. Thuggish population and idiot politicians or no thuggish population and idiot politicians... They are in violation of their vows. PS: I come from a military family so I understand what you say, but still think it is wrong. Truth (doing what is right) is a black and white situation... The wrong thing, a falsehoods are matters of degree. There is only one "right".

mike in tokyo rogers said...

PPS: Of course, as with everything in life, there are degrees. That being said, then I challenge you to find fault with this statement. If you are more "right" then I am, than this statement holds true for you: "Since we can hardly place all the blame on US military personnel (I think we can - "What if there was a war, and no one came?") then we cannot find fault with this statement: "Nazi military units like the SS Totenkopf were bad, but you can hardly place the blame on the German military personnel."

Anonymous said...

Mike, it hasn't even occurred to me that a country doesn't need a standing army. Maybe it doesn't, but enough countries without standing armies have fallen to make me wary of that. That said, the US has become incredibly oppressive, though most of the domestic oppression is enforced by domestic law enforcement.

Even at Nuremberg, the whole German army wasn't put on trial, though by your terms you could say they were all culpable. I believe (with no particular reason except a general faith in human decency) that most American in the service want to do well. Unlike you, I think right and wrong can be very difficult to define in certain circumstances, even when hindsight makes the right choice seem obvious. If most people/soldiers really believed they were doing wrong, they would stop - unless they were being coerced in some way. The problem is that there is often something right in the wrong, and it's easy to mix some wrong in with the right. I've done things I'm ashamed of (thankfully, nothing too awful) that I was completely able to rationalize at the time.
And what if there was a war and no one came? Then there wouldn't be a war. The problem is that often just one side shows up - seems to be something in human nature.
So far as waking up, most Americans are sound asleep and things will have to get very bad before they wake. Even then, I'm afraid they'll probably find a scapegoat rather than look in the mirror. I'm a bit afraid of that happening in Japan as well, but there are no 100% safe harbors in times like these.

Anonymous said...

I'm the "dumb anonymous". Funny how you believe that the overweight and inept TSA agents are somehow the embryonic cell of the next brown shirts and yet you think the highly trained self defense force is as cute as hello kitty.

Even if documentary, this is propaganda in the very broad sense of the term. Surely someone in marketing would recognize this.

Lastly, please stop suggesting Americans only have access to rah-rah depictions of the us military. There is plenty of critical and negative portrayals - both fiction and non-fiction - out there. Can I mention one war in particular, Vietnam?

mike in tokyo rogers said...

I don't see anywhere that TSA is mentioned. You sure you are reading the same article?
Your comments are full of non-sequitur:
Even if documentary, this is propaganda in the very broad sense of the term. Surely someone in marketing would recognize this. - This is incredible deduction for someone who obviously doesn't speak Japanese

Lastly, please stop suggesting Americans only have access to rah-rah depictions of the us military. There is plenty of critical and negative portrayals - both fiction and non-fiction - out there. Can I mention one war in particular, Vietnam? TOTAL Non-sequitur. How in the world could a factual occurance be described a a "negative portrayal"? Ha!

mike in tokyo rogers said...

PS: The Anonymous commenters above (Americans) fail to realize several important things:
1) US Militarism: As Ted Rall would say, "The US system relies on militarism the way cats rely on mice."
2) Japan has a standing army - the 4th largest spending on military in the world - yet Japan is not invading other countries. BIG difference.
3) Today's USA and military is far and away from that envisioned by the founding fathers. As Thomas Jefferson said, "Peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations; entangling alliances with none."

Anonymous said...

Dumbass American White Trash Anon here. Mike, I give you swipes and you swipe back with the non sequitur argument? Fine; all is acceptable in the rhetorical battlefield, but pretty weak from a substantive pov. I don’t separate your individual articles from each other or from your blog as a whole. They are all fair game... and you haven’t really rebutted my most salient and damming point:

Are you denying that (in another post or comment) you said that the TSA could turn into the next brown shirts? Yeah, I’m talking about those inept, overweight, [insert typical anti-American swipe] losers... However, you are commending a highly trained defense force without voicing any qualms about their ability to weaponize/truly militarize? Your anarchist friends are rolling in their proverbial graves. One possibility is that you are just a classic (j)apologist. Other Asians may not see hello kitty where you do.

Even if this documentary is fair and balanced, this does not prevent it from serving a higher purpose, and that is to advance a pro-military view within Japan. The message is that the self defense force, aka the military, is the only honest, capable wing of the government.

Come on man! Be the true anarchist that you are! Not this apologist version...

mike in tokyo rogers said...

Thanks Anonymous Two,

"Are you denying that (in another post or comment) you said that the TSA could turn into the next brown shirts?" No. Not at all. This article had zero to do with TSA and don't even know:
1) Why you'd bring it up
2) What that has to do with the article at all (it clearly says "Comments must be succinct & relevant to the story." How does the TSA relate to this?
3) I am vehemently anti-TSA so find it amusing that you'd attack me for this.

Anonymous said...

I've made my point and I'm sure others get it and maybe you too. So I'll stop here..

Mr. Nobody said...

Hi Mike,

A few questions about the SDF of Japan.

1. If the SDf is strictly for self defence, why then does Japan spend more on the SDF than the militaries of India and Italy, and almost as much as Germany?

2. If the SDF really is just for self-defense, then why were the SDF in a huge number of countries under the auspices of the UN?

3. Why were the SDF in Iraq?

4. Why is the Japanese Navy currently patrolling off the coast of Somalia? Since Somolia defined it's sea territory to be 200nm/440km, I believe that Japan has most likely invaded Somali terrority.

5. Why does the current administration of the JPG, want to organize an Asian version of NATO?

The SDF may have previously been strictly for self defence, I think today, it is a military force similar to most others.

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