Thursday, June 28, 2012

Newest Japanese Super Robot is a Cheater! Scissors, Paper, Stone Robot Who Never Loses Gets Caught on Camera Cheating!

Hot on the heels of that hilarious story and video about Robo Ji, here's one about a new Japanese robot that never loses at Scissors, Paper, Stone!

But, it's not really a story about a super robot that has awesome artificial intelligence, this robot is a cheater!

Caught on camera!

Refreshing News has the story in This robot will beat you ate scissors, paper stone 100% of the time:

...Yes, the robot cheats. By watching the image from a camera that can determine the position of your hand every millisecond, it is aware of your move the very moment you make it. And as soon as your hand starts to form that rock, the robot is giving you some paper to wrap it up. At the very end of the video, you can see the tiny delay between the human making a move and the robot reacting — but it happens so fast that you wouldn't notice except when shown in slow-motion....

Big deal. That's called, "Ato-dashi" (means "putting out late") I can do that too!


Jimbo said...

What a cheating little jerk! I knew robots weren't smart, they just have low moral fiber.

Andrew Joseph said...

Big deal. I've been cheating at Janken for decades.

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