Friday, June 8, 2012

Japanese Pop Stars AKB48 Become Certified "Musicians" - Get Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame!

OK. That headline isn't exactly true. They didn't get a star in Hollywood. But, at this rate, don't be surprised if they do. AKB48 have done, in my opinion, the next best thing: They've been recognized as real "musicians" by Facebook and a heck of a lot of people.

If anything, the last description I ever thought would be used for AKB48 would be "musicians." But that's what they are classified as on Facebook. So, I guess that is like getting a star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood... Well, sort of.

I suppose it must be a real honor for them to have this award bestowed upon them. After all, there are a many many young people who pick up and guitar and start a band in the hopes that they could someday be called, "musician" as opposed to just plain old "crappy" or "terrible."

I can think of lots of titles and descriptions I could use for a lot of these Japanese "Idol" groups and singers, but "musician" is just not one of them.

But there it is, plain as day on Facebook. And if Facebook says you are a musicians, then it must be true.

See? That just shows how much Facebook is F'ed up! It says that "18,658 people like this." What it should say is "18,658 people think they like this" or "There are at least 18,658 stupid people on the planet."

Oh, and I checked, yep. There's a whole bunch of these related AKB48 pages on Facebook.... They all say "musician." I'd have thought that there'd be a category for "Idol."


Boo said...

I thought you said you were off Facebook. Looks like you are doing some very serious Facebook time there.

mikeintokyorogers said...

Yeah. I lied. No. What happened is that I announced to the staff and engineers at a new company that I was going to quit and met with some severe resistance (that company uses Facebook).. So I agreed not to quit for at least a year. Yes. I'm lame. Mike

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