Sunday, June 10, 2012

Trout Fishing Near Tokyo!? Yes! Unbelievably Beautiful Place too!

Trout Fishing at Yatarou Kiyokawa... Just thirty minutes from Atsugi! And how I spent my Sunday today.... Heaven! What can I add/say about heaven?

Here's some photos.... There's nothing to add!

There are at least three big waterfalls like this

(These photos were all taken by me or my wife, Yuka, today. 
Please use as you wish - Screw Getty images!)

The road up to the fishing place. Beautiful!

View from just above the waterfall pictured above

This was a medium sized one. We caught twenty five rainbow trout 
in 3 hours! Wow!

This kid and his dad caught five that I saw

First fish of the day and a big one!

Beautiful and clean. Hard to believe that this place is 1 hour by car from Tokyo

Just after cleaning. What a catch!

Plenty of places to barbecue right by the river too!

Freshly caught and freshly cooked!

The kids just dig this place!

Another keeper! Ji-chan (grandpa) is catching fish like crazy too!

View of the mountains

More photos and information here: Trout Fishing at Yatarou Kiyokawa

Yatarou Kiyokawa
Kiyokawa Mura, Susugaya 5012
Aiko Gun, Kanagawa Ken, Japan 243-0112

Tel: 046-288-1500

Here's a map:


Murasaki Shikibu said...

Sounds great.

diego.a said...

Stunning! The waterfall, fish, everything. The tourism bureaucrats should pay you and other visitors who give away photos. (Better than wasting money on those signs you talked about.)

Andrew Joseph said...

Beauty, Mike! Looks like fun. I caught a 20-pound rainbow trout up in Nikko - where the emperor used to fish! Frigging thing was a bitch to clean, as I lacked the skills to do it properly, as I dragged it home and tried to fry it, but discovered that it was so damn big, that I should have, to paraphrase Pink Floyd, cut it into little pieces! But I didn't, and instead, I got a semi raw trout sashimi meal that was not fit to be eaten by a stupid gaijin - uh, that's me.

juan Barbarich said...

hello guys.. i just arrive in tokyo for 2 month work.
in 10 days are holidasy here. im italian argentina. looking to some japane swho will like to go fishing arround on weeekend or holidays day.
if you are into.. will like to go to see how is fining here.
i fish in argentina.
this is my phone number in case you are interest. 08046888255 my name is juan.
and good fish

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