Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hilarious New Japanese Independent Film! Robo Ji!

This cracks me up. You don't even need to understand Japanese to get the basic drift of this trailer for this movie called, "Robo Ji!"

It basically starts out (at 10 seconds) about three guys who are under assignment to create a new type of robot for their corporation in time for the big Tokyo International Robot Fair. But everything they do fails.

Finally, they come up with a plan to fool their boss and the mass media and public by putting an old man inside of a robot outer case and having the old man become their "robot."

In Japanese, "Ji-san" means "grandfather" hence the funny name "Robo Ji."

The three stooges, er, I mean scientists interview a 73-year-old guy for the part of the robot and ask him during an audition,

"Can you show us your robot moves?" 

Later the (sort of senile) old guy, who is the stereotypical "dirty old Japanese man" (and picks his nose) is chosen for the part. I gather that he might have been chosen because he seems to be suffering from slight dementia and hard-of-hearing and that he doesn't move so much... This makes the scientists figure that he'll be easy to handle.

We are soon to find out how wrong they were in that assumption with hilarious consequences!

Later, at the robot exposition, people ask Robo Ji what he can do and some kid shouts from the audience and points away,

"That's nothing! The robot over there is better!" as the crowd looks, the other robot is dancing.

This is a challenge to the old guy, er, I mean Robo Ji and, not to be outdone, he starts dancing and really over-doing it to the chagrin of the engineers. When Robo Ji becomes a hit and a popular media sensation the engineers realize that they've created a sort of "Frankenstein" who is often out of their control.

I won't tell you more but after that there are some really funna parts and, like I said, you don't need to speak Japanese to understand the jokes.

This is great for a laugh. Enjoy!

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