Sunday, June 19, 2011

Gaijin Gourmet! Great Cheap & Delicious Soba Deal in Gaienmae on Ginza Line

In another installment of "Great places to eat in Tokyo for Super-Cheap" by me, Mike Rogers, connoisseur extraordinaire and one of Japan's top cheap-skate Gaijin experts on good tachi-gui (stand up and eat) soba shops, I'd like to introduce you to a shop named Shinetsu. This place is excellent!

Shinetsu, interestingly, is located right next door to one of the finest (and most expensive) Italian restaurants in Tokyo: Sabatini. I thought that was funny because a fine dinner with wine for two next door at Sabatini can easily run ¥25,000 yen!

Whereas Sabatini is great for what it is, so is Shinetsu! But, I reckon if you were going on an important date with that special someone or planning to do something stupid, like say, propose marriage, then Sabatini is probably a better bet.

Or, if you have a sense of humor, you could tell her that you are taking her "someplace special like Sabatini." (Right? It is like Sabatini as they are both near Gaienmae station exit #3)

This delicious meal with cold soba, inari sushi 
and tempura topping for ¥500!

Two people can eat excellent soba and toppings freshly made on the premises for ¥1,200 (the water is free and all-you-can-drink!)

And, as usual, a spotless kitchen is a must for me and you can see into the kitchen from the counter at Shinetsu. The tempura and all toppings are made on premises and the soba is very good quality for the extremely good price.

Don't bother going there right at lunch time between 12:00 noon and 1 pm on a weekday unless you want to stand in line.

Here's the address: 
Shinetsu Soba
Kita Aoyama 2-13-4 Tot Aoyama 1F.
東京都港区北青山2丁目13-4 ToT青山1F
Here's a map:

To get to Shinetsu Soba, take the Ginza line to Gaienmae. Exit 3. Thirty seconds walk. 


egwhite said...

Thanks Mike!

Anonymous said...

I've been to everyone you've recommended so far and they are really fantastic!

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