Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Police vs. Prostitutes - Who are the real criminals here?

Question: What's the difference between a cop in the vice squad and a guppy?
Answer: One is a scum sucking bottom dweller and the other is a fish.

Police vs. Prostitution. The police spend our tax monies stopping prostitutes from plying their trade in a free exchange of business between two consenting adults. Is anyone hurt in this exchange? Is this is what we pay taxes for?

In Japan, we have nuclear accidents, the economy going down the crapper, unemployment, Japan's credit rating taking a hit, deflation... We have all this sh*t hitting the fan and those idiots in the government and the police are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars setting up sting operations at prostitution parlors to arrest a few people doing some business that hurts no one.

What a bunch of morons.

The oldest profession in the world and these clowns think they can stop it with police sting operations and arresting people. If you think this is a good idea, then you do deserve to be taxed to death because you are a moron too!

Rio Hamasaki and this article's gratuitous cheesecake photo. 
She poses nude & appears in porn films for money. 
Why is this not considered prostitution?

Get that? The fools in government and their idiot police squads are spending thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of our tax dollars surveying and spying on business that spend their time trying to make a buck pulling on the puds of Joe Average Japanese guy. And, if these people - that includes male or female prostitutes - jack off these customers, what damage does it do to you or me? How does it inflict harm on society?

Compare that with the damage it does to you or me by having hundreds of thousands of dollars of YOUR TAX MONEY spent on this sh*t by the tax feeders who "work" in the police force. Can't those people go out and get real jobs?

Probably not.

What a bunch of stupid jerks. Why does the average Japanese person put up with this waste of tax monies?

As always the excellent Tokyo Reporter has the story sans commentary:

In the late evening of May 31, police officers entered a bar in Tokyo’s Minami Koiwa district and discovered a hostess to be engaged in a bit more than pleasant conversation with a male customer.
Upon their entry, the completely naked 39-year-old female quickly pushed her client off of her and grabbed a towel. She then moved over to a sofa, where she sat in despair as officers ordered her to put on clothing.

I'm sure they didn't order her to put on her clothing "immediately!"

According to weekly tabloid Shukan Jitsuwa (June 23), the bar San-nen A-gumi (3年A組), possibly named after the famous TV drama series “San-nen B-gumi Kinpachi-sensei” (3年B組金八先生), had been under surveillance for an extended period.

Voyeurism is a crime, but not if the police do it. "...Under surveillance for an extended period"? Indeed.  
Members of the Metropolitan Police Department’s safety division and the Koiwa Police Department arrested the establishment’s owner, Hakudo Sato, 31, and four employees for violating the Anti-Prostitution Law. Perhaps most interesting was that one woman who was taken into custody came to Tokyo from Miyagi Prefecture following the devastation of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Do these idiot police think that arresting this club's boss and four women (who are basically, most probably, unemployable in any other job) will stop prostitution in this country? Don't these clowns have any brains to think for themselves? If some woman from Sendai (that was majorly f'ed up because of the earthquake and tsunami) wants to sell her time for some cash, then who cares what she does? Is it hurting you or me?

Do these jerks in the police and government think that spending hundreds of thousands of dollars setting up a sting operation for some shitty dive prostitution parlor is going to somehow help this country with its problems? Why don't we spend this tax money on something important like enforcing the new laws on making school teachers sing the national anthem? Now there's a good use of tax dollars!

Are these idiot policemen such stupid and ill conceived drones that they cannot see that what they are doing is foolish and a waste of their time and our taxes?

What a bunch of turds!

How about this, smart guy policeman? Consider:

Some guy goes into this place of business. He pays a woman ¥4000 for whatever it is he pays for (a back massage and a few drinks). Suddenly, lightening strikes! Inexplicably, the two magically fall in love (don't tell me that its never happened to you) - and they make love (have sex). After the sex and mating process is over, they converse for a few minutes and realize for whatever reason, that they are not good partners for matrimony (don't tell me that its never happened to you) so they break up...

And those idiot police want to arrest them for,... what? Sex between two consenting adults?!  

Gosh darn! No wonder we are all f'ed up and the economy is going to hell. We have complete and total idiots running the government....


Not only that, but average Joe-blow votes for these politician clowns and those politicians frequent prostitution parlors (anyone who thinks they don't is living in the past) that are not targeted for stings due to political considerations.

Average person! Bend over and take it in the ass!

"Thank you sir, may I have another!"

So, I ask you, when it comes to the police vs. the prostitutes - who do you think the real criminals are here?  


Hiroshima Bill said...

Revenue men. I guess someone has to put on the stab vest, strap on the pistol, and go collect the money for government.

I'd rather live beside a whore than a cop.

Hiroshima Bill said...

from Wikipedia:

A kapo was a prisoner who worked inside German Nazi concentration camps during World War II in any of certain lower administrative positions. The official Nazi word was Funktionshäftling, or "prisoner functionary", but the Nazis commonly referred to them as kapos.

I'm going to memorize this passage, and recite it to cops and airport gropers.

Murasaki Shikibu said...

Those who are vehemently against the sex industry insist that the workers are being trafficked. While this is certainly the case in some situations, not all prostitutes are working as a result of human trafficking.
Trafficking needs to be stopped, but if you have a consenting adult doing this job, I don't see the harm - especially if they are being compensated properly.
I knew a European woman once who ended-up on the street with no money and a small child and when she was looking for work in restaurants, the male owners propositioned that she have sex with them in exchange for a chicken sandwich that they'd give to her child.
Provided the prostitutes are getting more payment than the chicken sandwich, I suppose prostitution is the better option in such a scenario.

roninf5 said...

You should see some of the prostitutes that ply their trade on the streets of Camden, NJ or Chester, PA. Egads! It should be a crime for them just to show their mugs in public. Unfortunately they usually show a lot more. Revolting. Personally, I'm all about showing the ladies a good time so I don't like prostitutes because to most of them you are just the next widget on the assembly line in their work-a-day world. I'm not just a piece of meat!

Anonymous said...

Amazing that Japan is a country where they keep the issue of enslaven comfort women hush, and where the government refuses compensation to these women but at the same time they arrest and harass consenting adults engaging in a harmless exchange of desired goods/services.

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