Thursday, June 23, 2011

Help the Save Minamisoma Project

Here's another charity that surely needs your help. It's called the Save Minamisoma Project.

The guy who is leading the charge is named Michael Anop and I can vouch for him as being a great guy and wonderful humanitarian.

Here's what Michael wrote about this event:

We're having a charity event for Minamisoma, please come help us support Minamisoma! For friends unable to make the event or outside Japan, we are accepting donations by credit card with 97.5% of proceeds going directly to the purchase of fresh vegetables. Y600,000 allows us to deliver 4 tons of fresh veggies. Together with Second Harvest we can deliver 10 tons+ of supplies.

If you want to support these great folks, please come to their party on July 6th in Roppongi. If you can't make that, you can still make online donations here:

Michael Anop (sitting)
(Back L-R: Taro Furuskawa, Me, George Williams)

Event details: 

The Save Minamisoma Project

We are happy to welcome you to our fun gathering to enjoy summer drinks, and creative art and music performances for a good cause!

On Wednesday, 6th July together with the support of Abios Co., Ltd., Platinum Ltd., FCC, 57 -FIFTY SEVEN-, and many other friends, SAVE MINAMISOMA PROJECT will be hosting our 2nd fundraising charity event.

It's a perfect opportunity to catch up with friends and meet new people while raising money to su
pport people in need.

***Save Minamisoma Charity Event***

Date: 6th July 2011, Wednesday
Open: 7:30pm- Start: 8:00pm-
Entrance: 3,000yen including 1 drink (100% donation)
Venue: 57 -FIFTY SEVEN- in Roppongi
B1F 4-2-35 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Along with some performances by talented artists, there are remarkable prizes for you to win from a Virgin Atlantic trip for two to London to cool COACH goods for a lucky guy and gal as well as Park Hyatt Hotel Tokyo lunch and 57 Fifty Seven brunch for 2 to name a few!

SAVE MINAMISOMA PROJECT has been delivering food and supplies directly to the residents of Minamisoma, Fukushima-ken, which lies 35km of the nuclear power plant. They have suffered from 3 disasters: earthquake, tsunami, and radiation. And they are still in great need of assistance.

Your donations go to purchase fresh vegetables at a huge discount with an assistance of Second Harvest Japan, and they will be delivered directly to Minamisoma.

We would like to express our appreciation to everyone who offered their support by coming to our previous event on 2nd June at 57 -FIFTY SEVEN-. More than 150 guests attended and 676,724 yen was raised.

Looking forward to seeing all of you with your friends and colleagues at this wonderful opportunity to give back to your community.


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