Monday, June 27, 2011

Radiation Effects? Baby Born with Three Arms!

Several weeks ago, the western media were all aghast at a rabbit being born without ears in Fukushima. At first, many attributed that event to radiation.

I even had some people write nonsense to me like, "See? Admit you were wrong. Plants and animals mutating are proof of a nuclear disaster!" Again, I will admit that the nuclear problem in Fukushima is a huge problem for the nearby area, but for us in Tokyo, hundreds of miles away, and even further, it is not a big problem.

I already showed that the nonsense about the rabbit being born without ears was most probably not caused from Fukushima as earless rabbits are born all the time and I showed that plant mutations were observed and written about as early as the late 18th century. In MSNBC Links to my Blog About Earless Rabbitts and Fukushima Radiation! I wrote:

".... a while back demolishing that hyperventilated sensationalist nonsense that people were touting as proof positive that radiation from Fukushima was causing birth defects.

Now, after initially jumping on the band wagon, many mainstream media have thought about it for a while, did the minimum amount of research, and backtracked. 

One earless rabbit does not make for proof of massive nuclear contamination. Earless rabbits are born all the time.

(By the way, so are mutated plants and flowers that were first described in 1790 by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe in Metamorphosis of Plants.)

That MSNBC has linked to my article is part of the proof that it is a huge stretch of the imagination to think that one earless rabbit constitutes a nuclear fallout catastrophe for our DNA. Far from it.

This one episode (amongst many) has been touted, then demolished, as proof of a nuclear disaster... Amongst the foaming at the mouth panics that we've had that I've done my best to dissect, we've also had radioactive car air filters (chuckle); a 35% increase in infant mortality that was shown to be completely untrue; "anecdotal evidence" of people having metallic tastes in their mouths that PROVES a nuclear disaster (honest, we wouldn't kid you or make this stuff up!); unprecedented wind pattern changes that, after millions of years of being different, suddenly start blowing nuclear fallout over Tokyo, just because some idiot scientist in the USA doesn't know how to read a weather map; as well as all sorts of pronouncement from some clown Sci-Fi writer named Michio Kaku, who was once quoted as saying as recently as January 27, 2011; 

 "All you can do is run" to people who live near Yellowstone National Park. You might remember a while back when Old Faithful was acting funny. That was when Kaku said in an article that was quoted in the "End Times Are Here" that the volcano under the Yellowstone National Park was a "super volcano" that was going to"wipe out the United States as we know it."

There's a whole litany of this sort of nonsense going on. 

I've shown how pollutants from the oil and gas industry kill over 3 million people worldwide annually and yet you hear no one complaining about that. 

So far the deaths from Fukushima nuclear accident? Zero.

So every time I rake one of these clown across the coals for scaring people needlessly or I take my former "co-workers" in the mass media to task for sensationalism, I get attacked by some readers who just can't stand dealing with facts.

The weird thing is, though, these attacks from the bizarros who actually do wish for Fukushima to turn into armaggedon so that they can claim that they were "right" and we can all live happily ever after with no nuclear power and live like people did in the early 1930's in an agrarian paradise have stopped.

They can't deal with logic and the truth so they've taken their toys away and gone someplace else.

Need I say more?

Here's something that I thought was interesting. In 2006, there was a baby born in China that had three arms. 

China has a much bigger problem with radioactive wastes and pollution than Japan does. China has had a problem with this for a long time, even the Chinese government admits it, but you don't hear much about this radioactive pollution story at all in the main stream media or the alternative media either. 

Curious, I think.

Even more curious when you realize that, China has many more earthquakes than Japan does, a bigger problem with pollution and radiation, a huge problem with poor building standards, and yet, when the Fukushima disaster struck, many foreigners and their companies fled Japan to China. Go figure.

Do not misunderstand my point here. This is not China bashing. I've been to China many times and simply love that country and her people. I'm just stating facts here.

You know that if this three armed baby were to be born in Japan now, the press would be all over it claiming it as proof that radiation from Fukushima is worse than the authorities are letting on and that we are all doomed.

But, no, this is in China not Japan.

From what I understand, this child had a good prognosis to be fine after surgery to remove the extra arm. I hope the surgery was a success and the kid grows up to be happy and healthy and has a long life. That there was nothing reported after the surgery points to a successful result.

You know what they say, "No news is good news."

He is a cute kid he deserves happiness and a long prosperous life. Neither he nor his family deserve to be scared or frightened by pundits from the peanut gallery claiming the end of the world.

By the way, according to the Centers for Disease Control, 1 in 33 babies are born with birth defects .

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