Sunday, June 5, 2011

Japanese Prime Minister vs. US President - It's nice to know that there's still someone who's worse off than you are!

Oh well.... That loser Naoto Kan survived his vote of confidence the other day. I was quite unhappy about that... But I was very happy with how he did it. He lied and tricked his fellow crooked politicians. In that way, it does make me chuckle. 

Moe says, "Power company probably got their wires 
all tangled up. Go up there and straighten out the mess!" Indeed.

 It seems he made deals with other politicians to not vote against him in the vote of no confidence motion. He promised them, that if they'd cooperate, that he'd quit soon if he survived with their help. Then, after he survived the vote, he reneged, and went around telling a different story about leaving office much later (or that he hadn't yet decided) and now other idiot politicians are angry that he lied to them? Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!

Talk about the kettle calling the pot black! What a comedy of morons.

Reuters reports:

Ruling and opposition lawmakers slammed Prime Minister Naoto Kan on Friday, as he hinted that he would remain in power until around January although he promised a day earlier to quit once the country's recovery from the March disaster takes hold. Former Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama, who supported the premier and voted against the no-confidence motion against his Cabinet on Thursday on the condition that Kan would quit soon, denounced Kan for backpedaling on his word. 

Isn't that just hilarious? One liar, in a room full of liars, lies and the rest of the liars are angry?   Don't look now, but doesn't this sound like that place in the movie, "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"?

Jack Nicholson stars as leader of unspecified organized political group

Sure, it's humorous. But there's a part that is not humorous about all this. Sydney Morning Herald reports in Japan Faces Downgrade as Economic Turmoil Goes On:

Japan's hopes of bouncing back from the economic turmoil caused by the earthquake and tsunami in March have been knocked by the threat of a credit rating downgrade from Moody's, and a rise in unemployment. Moody's warned that the devastation that struck Japan nearly three months ago is making it even harder for the country to recover from the financial crisis. It put Japan's Aa2 rating - the agency's third-highest grade - on review for a possible downgrade, adding there was a "low chance" of a multi-notch downgrade.

OK. This isn't funny. I suppose people who own lots of golf and silver might find this comforting or funny.... Unfortunately, I'm one of these people who don't believe it is possible to ever have too much gold or silver.

Depressing news. Depressing news, indeed... But then, my good friend Mark, from (highly recommended) sent me this. 

Mark sent this about Obama (click on image for full size):

Our prime minister, Naoto Kan, is an incompetent clown. But could he possibly be worse than Bush or Obama? No way. Japan is messed up, but we have the luxury of booting out our prime ministers every year. ... Hopefully every six weeks. You guys in the USA get stuck with these clowns for 4 ~ 8 years.

It's always comforting to know that there's still someone who is worse off than you are....


See Otter said...

What's funny though is how we are supposed to get all freaked and chewing our nails in fear at downgrades by rating agencies (whether of Japan or USA or whatever) meanwhile we're supposed to forget that these same rating agencies who we are to regard as Olylmpic God right NOW were the same assholes who merrily, blithely, crookedly and stupidly went along with every scam in the book for years as Wall Street handmaidens, whores, and pimps.

They may be right that Japan and USA are economically screwed but frannkly they disgust me so much I don't want to hear anything from them or about them and certainly don't want to be told I need to quake in my boots every time they clear their throats. We don't need them to tell us which way the wind is blowing, they are a big part of the problem themselves.

mike in tokyo rogers said...

See Otter.... EXCELLENT point!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the Aa2 rating cracked me up too. It's either an A or a B, or a D-, what's with this Aa junk?

It's all worse than a contraption I keep together with duct tape and bailing wire.

- clark

Anonymous said...

My mother, born 1925, was a child of the Great Depression. They lived in Queens, NY, and were one of the few people who had a car. Her father was a mechanic and was able to keep it running...when it wasn't up on blocks and not used.

There was one particularly bad summer when the heat was off the charts and everyone was a bit testy. Her father put the car in driving condition and they went for a ride...into the city. If they thought they were hot, the situation for those city dwellers was even worse. It was a lesson well learned. No one complained when they got home.

They weren't comforted by knowing someone had worse problems then they, but understanding that their problems weren't as bad as they thought. It is a matter of perspective.

Unfortunately, it doesn't matter what clown is in office.


Poots said...

From your reports it's likely that Japan’s Prime Minister Naoto Kan is glad to know that not only is the US worse off economically than Japan, but that our President Obama is even dumber than he is.

I find that it’s best not to ask if these clowns can get any dumber. They take it as a challenge and then show that yes, they can be even dumber…

Carole H. said...

Thanks for this, Mike. I was starting to get seriously depressed. About both Japan AND the US. This piece made me laugh -- something I couldn't do for a long while. Doesn't change the situation, but it made me feel better. "It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine~~~~!"

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