Saturday, November 26, 2011

Japanese Post Office Approves Licking Soft Porn Idols AKB48 on the Behind!

Now, every guy in Japan can satisfy their wettest of dreams licking the girls in AKB48 in the ass. Well, maybe not every guy, but definitely by every pervert and geek in Japan. For the most disgusting news and proof of the decline of Japan, read on.... 

In another attempt to show people the easy way shore up the flagging fortunes of business, the Japanese postal service shows everyone a novel idea in how to come out of a deep of a mountain of debt! The Japanese Post Office has announced that they've steeped to new lows and will release postage stamps with AKB48 on them. 

So now even you can lick these girls on their behinds!


Oooh! Yeah! Makes me uncomfortable and sweaty just thinking about it. 

Kyodo News reports:

Japan Post Network Co. is taking orders online and at post offices across the nation for stamp sheets featuring AKB48, the popular all-girl pop group, for distribution in February.
The sets feature the group's Team A, Team K and Team B versions on a made-to-order basis and cost ¥5,700 each. They include seal-type ¥50 stamps plus postcards and letter sets.


After accepting orders online through Jan. 9 and at post offices through Jan. 6, Japan Post will send out the sets starting Feb. 1.
Japan Post said it will hold a drawing in which customers can win postcards with members' original autographs.
I remember when I was a kid, I collected stamps (until I figured out that pieces of paper had no intrinsic value and started collecting silver). This would definitely make me stop collecting stamps! I'll be all these pervert dorky Japanese guys who couldn't get a girlfriend if their life depended on it, will buy a set or ten.
Not only will these turkeys buy the sets, they will never use them and just keep them.
The post office knows this and knows they can make a bunch of money for little work. Just print up a bunch of stamps that people will want to collect for their "future value" (cough cough) and there you'll have dumb people just giving you money.
Of course, any other beautiful design idea submissions will be cheerfully "considered."

In spite of my negative reviews, I think this is a much better idea than raising taxes. If the post office has it figured out this far, makes you wonder why the government can't keep doing more things like this to pay for reconstruction after the Tohoku disaster.
I do understand that the Japanese Postal Service is "privatized" but there's gotta be a way for them to get together to work out a deal for reconstruction...
After all, this issue of AKB48 stamps proves a few things:
1) Just when you thought it would be impossible to do, Japanese music, incredibly, gets worse.
2) As a reader recently pointed out that Japanese kids are no longer interested in western culture as they no longer desire to study English, Japanese society and culture is crumbling.
3) Japan is still a rich country.
4) There's still a sucker born every minute (in this case, a "licker"?) 


Kevin Riley said...

Might be disgusting, knowing that a bunch of pathetic geeks will be perving on stamps, but it is good marketing. Sell the customer what they want.

Andrew Joseph said...

This pathetic geek would enjoy licking that... ohhh! Stamps! Naw... you know he had the pressure adhesive stamps here in Canada now... but I heard that Japan IS coming out with a new stamp honoring Prostitution! Yes... it costs 100 yen! But 5000 yen if you want to lick it.

Andrew Joseph said...

By the way... MY chocolate lab is better looking than that one! My drools, too! Dog, that is!

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