Saturday, November 12, 2011

Japan's Best and Sexist Girl's Rock Band's (Nov. 2011)

It's a Sunday and I have friends coming over for massive drinking and a barbeque. That means I'm pretty booked with sheet to do.

Kinoko Hotel

Nevertheless, here's a blog post that I've wanted to write for quite a while. There are lots of people who think Japanese rock bands suck. Most of them do. But, strange as it may seem, there are lots of really good Japanese rock bands, it's just that they never get hugely popular in this country as Japan is obsessed with stupid crap like AKB48 and girls doing soft porn video.

AKB48 are terrible. Anyone who buys their CDs should be shot (to put them and the rest of us out of our misery).

But, like I said, there are many good Japanese rock bands. Especially sexy girls bands... And there's also a very cool Retro thang going on here that I really like... Oh, and by the way, the best Japanese bands don't sing in English because they don't give a sh*t about the American Top 40... You shouldn't either... I mean, why would any good band want to be like Lady Gaga or Madonna anyway? 

For your Sunday viewing pleasure, here are several. First two up from my current favorite Japanese girl's band (I change favorites weekly)...Enjoy!

Kinoko Hotel - Fool

Kinoko Hotel - Midnight Angel Baby:

Molice - Ms. Panic

The Milkees - Lovelever:

Red Bacteria Vacuum - Roller Coaster:

Thee 50's Highteens - Surprise Sun:

The Let's Go's! - Rock & Roll Star:

Who the Bitch - Summer:

Hell, seriously, there's a lot more! I'll be posting about them too soon. Stay tuned!

Thanks to Ken Nishikawa and George Williams who has the Top 5 countdown online every week.

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