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The Greatest Men's Anime in History! Sakigake!! Otokojuku! Japan's Most Sexist, Racist, Nationalist Anime Ever!

Sakigake!! Otokojuku! Must be the world's most nationalist traditionalist pro-Japanese male anime ever made! And it is hilariously funny! 

Sakigake loosley translates into "first line of attack" (or "Charge!"). Otokojuku is "Men's school". So, these guys are the first line of attack at a men's high school. Get it? No? Oh, you will...

Sakigake!! Otokojuku! Main characters

Wikipedia writes:

Sakigake!! Otokojuku (lit. Charge! Men's Private School) by Akira Miyashita is a comedy martial arts manga that was originally serialized at the Weekly Shōnen Jump from 1985 to 1991. It is staged in a private boy's school that teaches ōendan to troubled teenagers. The students are trained to "revive the Spirit of Japan" and mainly engage in fighting or killing courses. The nature of the manga is usually considered by the readers as a comical, or even parodic view of Japanese nationalism.

I've posted about this hilarious cartoon and other anti-American anime before in Hilarious Collection of 12 Most Anti-American Anime. The makers of this cartoon take a comedic look at hating foreigners and definitely have humorously decided the correct place of women. I'm sure they long for the good old days when men were men and women were women. The days when women walked two steps behind their man (well, actually I know lots of Japanese women who still do this). Sakigake!! Otokojuku! also disrespects foreigners. The makers long for the good old days when foreigners (read: uncultured savages) were foreigners and not living in Japan! 

Hee! Hee! Who doesn't?

Here is a snippet of my favorite Sakigake!! Otokojuku! of all time. It is the most anti-American cartoon I've ever seen. This stuff is hilarious as the sterotypes just crack me up. See if you enjoy it too!

God! Isn't that fantastic? Can you imagine something like that on TV in the USA? The PC crowd would NEVER allow it! Sekigake!! Otokojuku! "How to Deal With Foreigners". In the above episode, the protagonist, Momotaro kicks the butt of an American. After mopping the floor with the guy, the Japanese girl "falls in love" with him. She says, "He's so strong!" and runs up to him and asks if he'll start dating her. He replies,

"Yesterday, dating a foreigner. Today, dating a Japanese. I hate stupid girls who change their minds all the time!" As the boys are walking away they say, "Otokojuku doesn't need women!" 


See, I told you that this cartoon was wonderful! 

Sakigake!! Otokojuku! Is a very famous cartoon that ran on Fuji TV for only 34 episodes in 1988. I think it was cancelled because many people failed to see the irony, cynicism and humor and thought that the makers of this cartoon were completely serious.

Trust me, I was here in 1988 and there were a heck of a lot of people with no sense of humor... I mean, just how racist and sexist could a cartoon on national TV be? (As opposed to sexually explicit manga and all sorts of other underground publications that still exist?) 

This next snippet is from an episode where the boys go to a "fashionable" club to kick the butt of the regular American guy who was usually the main antagonist mocking Japanese men and taking advantage of "naive" Japanese women. The boys are getting ready to gang up on him and beat him up, but first, they have to confuse the dumb foreigner by bedazzling him with his command of the English language. The episode itself is funny, but the best part is the English subtitles! Enjoy!

In Sakigake!! Otokojuku! women are definitely looked down upon (as well as the main characters sometimes being made fun of because of being stupid). Women in this anime, as in the minds of the makers of it, most certainly have their place in Japanese society.

The note on this next Youtube video is hilarious:

Fans all know women should never appear in this, the manliest series ever. EVER. This movie takes it one step further and proves that the manliest of men can be fooled by plastic dummies with hooters, eighties hairstyles and swimsuits. Post cockblock, the Otokojuku delinquents must take on WHALES AND AN ARMED HELICOPTER for their mistake. Poor guys. A little Engrish pops up again, and Toramaru kills a whale with his own lethal fart technique. Must be seen to be believed

Sakigake! Otokojuku! Women are Always Traps!

Oh, how the makers of this anime must long for the good old days of Japan! (Or, at least, when they were getting paid to make this great cartoon!)

Oh, how I long for the good old days when Japan had cartoons like this!

You can see many other results on Youtube here.


Anonymous said...

This is A-some! Thanks!

Jimbo said...

Are you sure that black guy isn't Japanese? He sure SOUNDS Japanese...

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