Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Respect & Sympathy

Today was my birthday.

I was going to give myself a present and not post about anything today at all... But then I thought....

All my life one of the most important things I've wanted was just some respect and sympathy.

It seems that I have never gotten it... Well, enough to satisfy me. I've done some pretty wild things and accomplished some pretty amazing things too... But they are not the kinds of things that generally get respect in our society. Nor do they get sympathy.

I mean, I've never been the CEO of a large airlines or the country manager of a big company. So I don't get respect...I've been an independent kind of guy, doing independent things all my life. It's best for me that way... I hate having a boss.... But that doesn't gain me sympathy, either.

Wanting respect and sympathy is something that is wanted by not just me, but by everyone. There is not a person amongst us who feels that they get the respect not sympathy that they deserve.

Do yourself a favor. Next time someone around you does something that you think is small or minor, instead of pointing out faults, why don't you point out good things? What is important to you may not be important to them.

Like Dale Carnagie writes in "How to Win Friends and Influence People":

"Three fourths of the people you will ever meet are hungering and thirsting for sympathy. Give it to them and they will love you."

Show people that you care for them. That shows them that you respect them too.


diego.a said...

Happy birthday, Mike. I am sure many more will come.

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If your family was a corporation, you have lots of respect. The board of directors (aka kids) never tried to replace you in backroom politics like Apple did with Jobs. Plus, your kids may ask for money, like executives, but they would never dream of quitting and joining another firm (i.e. family). They also would never sue if you hugged them, unlike employee underlings. The only downside is you have to share the CEO title with your wife.

Andrew Joseph said...

Hey Mike. Sorry I missed your birthday. That sucks of me.
Still - I wish you nothing but the best in the up coming year of your life! Happy birthday Mike!
You have my respect, for what it is worth.
It's funny... my birth day is a week after yours. Scorpio men. We always want respect. It's what I deserve and you deserve... but this past year of my life has been nothing but complete disrespect from home and work. And so I bury myself in my writing. Thanks for the respect, and know it is always given back to you from me.
Your friend in deed and indeed,

Andrew Joseph said...

By the way, brother... it's still November 1 here in Toronto. So I guess I didn't completely miss your birthday!

Andy "In Japan" said...

Happy Ba-Su-de tooo yuuuu, Mike san


Check out this link...and I mean it !!! You can't possibly get any more respect than this, on your birthday.

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