Wednesday, November 2, 2011

McDonald's Coffee is At Least Twice as Good as Starbucks

That's right. You read the title correctly: McDonald's Coffee is At Least Twice as Good as Starbucks.

I do not eat McDonald's food and haven't eaten it in years. I even hate the smell of the place. But when it comes to a cup of coffee, McDonald's blows Starbucks away. McDonald's Coffee is more than twice as good as Starbucks. 

Read it again: McDonald's coffee is twice as good as Starbucks.

Need proof? McDonald's coffee tastes great and is well-known for the quality of the beans it uses (actually the only good quality item on the menu - besides the plastic pickles!) 

One cup of Starbucks coffee is ¥300 (about $3.82 USD) 


One cup of McDonald's ice coffee (my favorite) is ¥140 ($1.78 USD). That means I can buy two cups of McDonald's coffee for less than the price of one cup of Starbucks coffee! Two cups of McDonald's coffee is ¥280 (about $3.57 USD).

Two coffees at McDonald's for less than the 
price of one at Starbucks. Oh, and at my neighborhood
McDonald's, there's outdoor tables and a sidewalk cafe.

Some will say that Starbucks is a great place to sit down and relax. I don't think so. In Japan, the background music at Starbucks is blaring so loud that you can't have any good conversation. Others will say that Starbucks sells atmosphere. Well that wonderful for people who have the time to sit down for two hours having a cup of coffee. I don't. I am busy and I am in a hurry.

If I want to sit and talk business, I'll go to a proper hotel coffee shop where I can hear my partner and discuss business - and get free refills. I cannot do that at Starbucks.

Like I said, I am a businessman and I am in a hurry. When I want coffee, I will go to McDonald's. I am not interested in my fashion or how things "look." This is a simple business transaction. I want to best deal for my money.  I'd like to think that most good business people are interested in the best deal for the money. We'd want the best deal for our businesses, why not for a cup of coffee?

So next time you want a cup of java, don't be ashamed to say, "Let's get a cup of coffee over at McDonald's..." McDonald's is the best coffee deal in town for the business person in a hurry. And, in these days, what successful business person is NOT in a hurry?

Oh, and did I mention that Starbucks sucks?

CR chooses McDonald's as "Best Coffee" over Starbucks!


Boo said...

Do you know if McDonald's uses real milk in their latte, or some synthetic compound like certain Japanese chains?
Although Starbucks over-roasts their beans, at least they use real milk.

mike in tokyo rogers said...

Hi Boo!
Don't know about the milk in the latte. Real men don't drink latte!

Tokyo Five said...

>McDonald's ice coffee (my favorite)...get free refills...I want to best deal for my money.

Well, if you want free refills and "the best deal", you should buy McDonalds hot coffee, not iced.
It costs ¥120 and is "bottomless"...the ice coffee isn't.

And for an even better deal, I buy coffee tickets from a neighborhood "ticket shop"...with those, a cup of McDonalds coffee costs only ¥80 or so.

And, even disregarding cost, I think McDonalds coffee (and food) taste better than Starbucks.
Much better.

"Tokyo Five"

Anonymous said...

Sorry but Japan Mc doesn't give free re-fills! Only free at Japan Mc is tap water!

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