Sunday, March 17, 2013

Free Sunday Matinee: Gamera the Invincible (1965) Uncut and Free! No signup!

Need to burn some time yet do not want to spend any money? Yep. I can relate to that. Grab a bag of potato chips and a drink and relax with this B-grade Japanese cinema classic. Uncut, and unedited and in full length. Quality is great too. Acting is fabulously retro! And this movie is action-packed from the get-go!

Here is the American release of Gamera the Invincible from 1965!

This was the only film in the original Gamera series to be released to American theaters. It was originally presented in America by World Entertainment Corp. and Harris Associates, Inc. who re-named the film Gammera the Invincible. All subsequent entries in the series were released directly to television by American International Productions Television. Gammera the Invincible's American premiere was in New Orleans on December 15, 1966. Gammera the Invincible was heavily re-edited from its original Japanese version. Scenes were moved around and some were deleted completely. New footage featuring American actors was spliced in to create a more international feel and to replace scenes shot in the original cut featuring American extras with poor acting. Theses new scenes featured actors such as Albert Dekker and Brian Donlevy. The film was dubbed by Titan Productions, Inc. It features the voices of Jack Curtis and Peter Fernandez, who are best known as voices on Speed Racer and Ultraman.

The film opens with Gamera's awakening from the accidental detonation of an atomic bomb as a result of an aerial assault by American fighters on Soviet bombers caught crossing into North American airspace. Gamera wastes no time in causing a rampage of destruction, first destroying a Japanese research ship, then making its way to Japan to wreak havoc. In an attempt to stop the giant turtle, Gamera is sedated with a freezing agent on a precipice, and powerful explosives are placed at the base. The explosion knocks the monster on its back, and while it seems as though mankind has scored a victory, this is not the case: Gamera reveals its ability to fly. A second strategy, Plan Z, is devised to stop the monster, this time by baiting it into a rocket bound for Mars. The plan is successful and the Earth is safe from Gamera.

Enjoy the show!


How did Japanese cinema ever come up with these ideas? Well, if you still have time, check out what happened with plants mutating & growing wildly a few weeks after the atomic bombs were dropped at 29:45 in the video at This is Powerful! Alternative Views: Hiroshima & Nagasaki. What People Experienced .

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Anonymous said...

Ok, will you stop with the Jungian Synchronicity? J/K, sorta.

I was just thinking about films and how you don't like TV and how I think there's a lot to be learned from films and how you should maybe talk about it a bit more, so I head on over here and, BAM!

Anyway, hey, my new kind-of hero has a nic of PaulTheCabDriver, not that that means anything, but I was watching an old VHS of Adventures of Tom Sawyer - in it I was constantly reminded of my grandmother and her generation.

She was quite a bit like the characters in the Tom Sawyer film, the one trait that kept popping up to me in spite of all the "you paint the fence tom-foolery" was that this generation was All about honesty. Sooo unlike today in the unitedstate.

Then I popped in the DVD, Enter The Dragon Enter The Tiger.

That DVD was about solving the Bruce Lee death. ... Ho-hum, I know. But throughout that video was an underlying theme of honesty. Then it struck me, the ichi bon thing about the Japanese culture was this: it's a culture of honesty. That's why there's no vandalism and such.

Sure, there's "many thieves about" as my Japanese friend told me prior to the loss of my hacky sack, no doubt. How-freaking-ever; the over all culture is that of honesty. Something which America had, and Japan now obtains.

Just thinking out loud. You probably knew that already but it was a bit of an "ah-ha" moment for me and I thought I'd share it.

Also, tonite: vitamins and minerals beat Coumidin 24 to 1 for the first time in weeks... the series continues tomorrow. That's the real game.

- IndividualAudienceMember

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot to mention, didn't you mean: Plantain Chips, instead of potato chips?

Please, be Plaeo/Primal. Heh, slightly just kidding.

'Course, nobody would know wHAt you're talking about if you said Plantain Chips, except the girls who are losing weight and getting healthy from going Paleo/Primal and the guys they love who can't stand the taste of 'em.

- IndividualAudienceMember

mike in tokyo rogers said...

Hey I am Paleo! Seriously!

Anonymous said...

I knew that. How I forgot that, I don't know.

Pain might have something to do with it. I'm going to have to add typing while in pain right up there with typing after drinking.

If you come across a good Paleo bread recipe, you will post it, won't you? I've tried a few and so far none cut it.

- IndividualAudienceMember

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