Saturday, March 30, 2013

Positive Thinking and How You Can Jigsaw on Water!

Hey, you know that story from the bible about Jesus walking on the water? Yeah. It's a true story.

But before you jump up and down and think, "Mike's gone Christian zealotry!" Listen to this...

Let me explain. 

It is impossible to walk on water. Can't be done. 

But I believe that this story about Jesus walking on water is not to be taken literally. This walking on water is a parable of sorts. 

Both you and I know that man cannot walk on water. It's impossible! 

In the bible, when Jesus walked on water, another disciple did too, but that disciple became fearful and fell in the water. Jesus held out his hand and pulled the guy up and said something about the disciple having, "Little faith." 

What does this "Little faith" mean? 

I think it's simple, really. It's all the same. Call it what you want: Faith, belief, positive thinking, PMA, total optimism, whatever. ... they are all the same.

Walking on water is impossible. Can't be done. 

But the impossible can be done if you believe that you can accomplish something. 

Imagine if the Wright Brothers didn't believe that they could fly, could they have? No! People told them "If God had intended man to fly, God would have given man wings!" Yet the brothers believed. And since they believed (had faith, positive thinking, PMA, total optimism) they were able to figure out how to fly.

Their belief moved mountains! Thus they were able to do the impossible: they flew!.... See? Jesus walking on water is not literal. It is figurative. Man flying is impossible, but they did it.... Belief can move mountains.... 


This article is dedicated to my friend Jonathan Lea from the Jigsaw Seen. Jonathan wrote to me, 

"Mike, I do believe that anything is possible, of all The Kinks fans in the world, I am the only one that plays guitar with Dave Davies, my biggest influence when I was a teenager (I know it's not walking on water but still)."

I wrote back to him: "Jonathan, Nah, for most people I think that playing with Ray Davies of the Kinks is like walking on water." (Hell, "Walking on water?" No way! That's like walking three feet in the air!)

For more see: Matthew 14:31 (Very interesting stories... But just don't take this stuff too literally!)


Anonymous said...

MMJ wrote:

"Walking on water is impossible. Can't be done.

But the impossible can be done if you believe that you can accomplish something." ...

A contradiction I see.

There are NO absolutes in science, either.

Do you suppose it's possible that Jesus walked on water AND the impossible can be done if you believe that you can accomplish something?

After all, IT IS possible, Our Universe is a Gigantic and Wonderfully Detailed Holographic Illusion

Also, I was a fan of The Kinks too.
They are another band in a whole box which are no longer played on the F.M. dial here.

- IndividualAudienceMember

Anonymous said...

Actually, I'd forgotten that The Kinks created one of my favorite songs, a song which I haven't heard in a very long time. Then the lyrics came back to me out of the blue just a moment ago, the same way you might remember a favorite toy or a forgotten friend:

Met a girl called lola and I took her back to my place
Feelin guilty, feelin scared, hidden cameras everywhere
Stop! hold on. stay in control

Girl, I want you here with me
But Im really not as cool as I'd like to be
Cause there's a red, under my bed
And there's a little yellow man in my head
And there's a true blue inside of me
That keeps stoppin me, touchin ya, watchin ya, lovin ya

Paranoia, the destroyer.
Paranoia, the destroyer.

Well I fell asleep, then I woke feelin kinda queer
Lola looked at me and said, ooh you look so weird.
She said, man, there's really something wrong with you.
One day you're gonna self-destruct.
Youre up, you're down, I can't work you out
You get a good thing goin then you blow yourself out.

Silly boy ya self-destroyer. silly boy ya self-destroyer

Silly boy you got so much to live for
So much to aim for, so much to try for
You blowing it all with paranoia
Youre so insecure you self-destroyer

(and it goes like this, here it goes)
Paranoia, the destroyer
(here it goes again)
Paranoia, the destroyer

Dr. dr. help me please, I know you'll understand
There's a time device inside of me, Im a self-destructin man
There's a red, under my bed
And there's a little green man in my head
And he said, you're not goin crazy, you're just a bit sad
Cause there's a man in ya, knawin ya, tearin ya into two.

Silly boy ya self-destroyer.
Paranoia, the destroyer

Self-destroyer, wreck your health
Destroy friends, destroy yourself
The time device of self-destruction
Light the fuse and start eruption

(yea, it goes like this, here it goes)
Paranoia, the destroyer
(heres to paranoia)
Paranoia, the destroyer
(hey hey, here it goes)
Paranoia, the destroyer
(and it goes like this)

Paranoia, the destroyer
(and it goes like this.)

Songwriters: DAVIES, RAY

- IndividualAudienceMember

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