Monday, March 4, 2013

Banned On Facebook!!!!

For some reason, Facebook has banned me from sending out friend requests. Facebook claims that they have banned me because I "sent out friend requests to people who I don't know personally." Really?

WTF!? Hello Facebook. If it's friend I know personally out in the real world, I don't need to become their friend on Facebook. If I want to talk to my friends in the real world I have a cellphone and another "book" it's called a "Phonebook." 

Pretty amazing, eh? The Phonebook allows me to call friends over a virtual line and arrange what is called, a "Face to face meeting at a restaurant or coffee shop."

Facebook idiots!

Look, Facebook is for making friends in the virtual world. I don't need it for real world.

FB sucks, eh? They ban us from sending friend requests in the virtual world. Morons! In the real world, we don't need FB to make friends. Isn't the purpose of FB to make friends we normally can't meet? 

One of my real friends, Rick Barton wrote: "I fully concur! Especially since that dick Zuckerberg or whatever his name is started it to get laid bc he couldn't in the real world! Then he insults us by not believing we have the ability to tap "accept" or "decline."

I already wrote about Facebook's prying into our business. Please refer to: Fight Back Against Facebook Prying: You Know Everyone! 

So why have I been blocked? As I said, Facebook claims I've been sending out unsolicited friend requests. But I have only sent out requests to folks who operate in my circles and are heavy readers and followers of the publication that I have been a regular columnist now for nearly ten years. 

Always click "Yes" - It's none of Facebook's business

I also, in Japan, sometimes send out (but mostly receive) friend requests from many Japanese folks who are regular listeners to my radio show. I simply cannot say "No!" to them! (Why would anyone on radio alienate listeners?) So, I have sent out requests. Not a lot. But have done it. I get many more friend requests than I send out by a ten-fold. 

But now I realize why people can get blocked. It's because, recently, when you accept a new friend on Facebook, it has has been asking, "Do you know this person outside of Facebook?" Of course, I always answer, "Yes!" Why do I do this? It's NONE OF FACEBOOK'S DAMNED BUSINESS!

Did I say, Facebook sucks? I did. OK.

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brownbear said...


It's not unlike Facebook to dislike what you post. The owner is an elitist and Obama-nite.

People with free thought are the enemy.

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