Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Get Some Japanese Tail! Japanese Tails for Sale! Cuter Than Hell!

OK. Japan has all sorts of cute things that I just don't understand and this came along my desk today from a friend asking for a helping hand.

OK. Here it is:

The Tailly.

The Tailly is the invention of Shota Ishiwatari. The Tailly is a motorized electronic tail that girls (mostly - I hope) wear. (Or maybe guys would wear it and it would stand erect when they see a hot girl - oh no, that would be on backwards then, wouldn't it?) It wags just like a dogs tail and somehow reacts to the wearers heart rate. When the wearer is calm, it wags slowly, when the wearer is excited, such as when they meet a friend, the tails wags more vigorously.... Just like a dog's tail would do.

Shota is doing come Crowd Funding and needs your help. He's got about two more days to hit his target of $50,000 (USD) in order to start production. Shota only has $14,000 right now and he needs help.

OK, Shota, here you go... I hope you get a few extra bucks from this post.

Good Luck! I don't think this will catch on, but who knows? maybe the next thing is we'll see humans at the park running around sniffing each others asses?

To see more about the Tailly, click here:


Andrew Joseph said...

Mike... you don't want to know what I've done in a Japanese park...

Andrew Joseph said...

Mike... you don't want to know what I've done in a Japanese park...

Anonymous said...

That's a cool photo you've got, Andrew.

The indroduction on your blog was halarious too.

... So now I want to know that which I never will know.

Also, the tails on the chicks kind of freak me out, or is that, creep me out? I'm not sure which.

- IndividualAudienceMember

Anonymous said...

How do u get one ??? I really wont one for a furry suit pls anwser my commint<spelled wrong-

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