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America’s First 24/7 Liberty News Network to host 3rd Marathon Broadcast Fundraiser

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America’s First 24/7 Liberty News Network to host 3rd Marathon Broadcast Fundraiser

CHICAGO, IL - Since the close of the 2012 presidential election things haven’t slowed down for Gary Franchi the Executive Producer of the Next News Network and former Chairman of the Revolution Super PAC – they’ve sped up. Kicked off on December 22nd of last year with a 12 hour marathon broadcast “America’s First 24/7 Liberty News Network” is locking down its schedule for their 3rd marathon dubbed “End the Madness.”
The network has been broadcasting original content since last year’s launch and now boasts of 6 hours of live programming daily on their exclusive free online stream. The network also airs its flagship news hour, in HD, in two major East Coast markets – Miami and Boston – to 8,000,000 homes via WHDT.
Franchi stated, “We’re making it happen, around the clock. No where else will you see the collaborative efforts of so many liberty broadcasters with a common message, a message of freedom, individual responsibility, and hope for America than right here at the Next News Network.”
Franchi is referring to Ernest Hancock whom he called the “Libertarian Blowtorch” who hosts the daily morning talk show from his studios at Freedom’s Phoenix. “America’s Bad Boy” for liberty, Dave Champion, also hosts a daily program. In the evenings Charlie McGrath’s Wide Awake News and Ian Freeman’s Free Talk Live will get you up to speed on the days happenings while Tony Stiles, “America’s Original Political Badass” and Gereld Celente of the Trends Journal round out the week on Sunday evenings.
Starting this Saturday, March 30, 2013, at Noon Central running through midnight Franchi will be joined by co-hosts Tony Stiles, Erin Gallagly, Forrest Jehlik, and Kristen Meghan. Throughout the broadcast the cast will be interviewing a diverse cross section of political activists, candidates, authors, filmmakers, and journalists.
“We decided to call the event ‘End the Madness’ because right now, our elected officials and our population have just plain gone mad,” declared Franchi from the network news desk, “Obama has been given the green light to assassinate American citizens without trial, on American soil, and where is the public outrage? Where are the marches? where are the protests? Where is the Anti-War Left?”
This is just one of the topics the Network will address this Saturday, March 30, 2013. They also plan to cover the impact of the Iraq war 10 years later as well as the endless “War on Terror” that Franchi claims is, “destroying the fabric of American freedom.” Talking points include analysis of Federal Reserve policies and efforts to remove the “banking cartel.”
During the broadcast Franchi hopes to raise several million dollars in capital from angel investors to expand the network’s operation and to establish independent news bureaus and broadcast outposts in every major domestic US market – then expand internationally.
“We’re only 93 days into this Network, we’ve planted our flag and can proudly say we’re the first network, with no ties to the mainstream media – or strings to DC, exclusively dedicated to the cause of Liberty, working to remind America of the great vision our founders birthed.”
For a preview of the network and a line up of the broadcast the Next News producers created this short trailer: 
For a complete schedule of Next News Network’s “End the Madness” Telethon see:

To make a contribution to the Network visit:
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