Friday, December 10, 2010

Best Place to Buy Silver in Japan?

Everyone knows about the Max Kaiser "Crash JP Morgan, Buy Silver Campaign" and many have joined in.

I mentioned before that buying silver in Japan, in small amounts, was very expensive with high margins. But, amazingly enough, I've found a great place to buy for very cheap and at low rates - with the advantage of a strong yen - and it's all online!

Yes. The best place to buy silver in Japan is not in Japan, it's online!

Go to the Perth Mint in Australia. See here for silver bars. Here for silver coins.

I tested the waters and can say that I was extremely satisfied with price and service.

I bought 10 silver coins and, including shipping, I still saved ¥14,080 with the shipping included!

Here are details of my purchase:

Tohki (Tokyo) ounce price was listed at: ¥4,725 (

Perth Mint was about ¥1,800 cheaper now PER ounce! 

Now, after shopping and receiving delivery, I can honestly say that I will be making all my future silver purchases from Perth Mint.


Mark said...

Thanks Mike for the info. I have been trying to figure out the best way to buy silver without all the fees. The main question is, what do you do when you want to sell the silver? let me know what happens and what fees are involved when you go to cash in.

Jason said...

So you believe me know?

rob said...

thanks for the info, is there any duty sending silver to japan?

mike in tokyo rogers said...

Hi Rob, I've sent up to 35 ounces at once and wasn't charged a duty... Then, on other times, I was charged a duty for 22 ounces. It seems really hit and miss... Maybe if your customs agent is sleepy he doesn't check so well... I know others who have the same experience.
Gold? You should buy it in japan. Silver? Small amounts are too expensive in Japan - but that's just my opinion.

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