Friday, December 10, 2010

Japanese Girls Photo & Street Fashion Gallery Heaven!

There was a book that came out a few years ago called, "Fruits" by Shoichi Aoki. It is a wonderful book and has tons of photos that he took on the streets of Harajuku in Tokyo.

I own that book and find it to be a great conversation starter... WE can usually go from, "Look at these pictures of these wild kid's" to, "I know a place that makes the best curry donuts!"

Then, whammo! You've got a date!.... Well, you would, if you weren't married like me! (Chuckle).

Well, if you have a fancy for all the weird fin and fashion that the Japanese youth, girls especially, have to offer, then check out this fabulous site I've found.

It's called Japanese Lifestyle and it is just full of great photos of the wild and beautiful youth (especially girls) who populated this country.

They have a thousands of pictures in different categories. There's a Girl's Gallery; a Harajuku Girl's Gallery; Lolita; Cosplay and many more!

Check it out. 

At the least it's a great place to get ideas for fashions.... Or, maybe even your Halloween costume for next year!   

1 comment:

Viki said...

I love Harajuku, lots of interesting fashion there.

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