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Enapo & Poni-Camp: Japan's Legendary Punk Queen!

Yesterday, Dec. 26, 2010 was the final free live show for 76.1 InterFM's BAM! for 2010 and it was a killer show!

The bands that appeared were:


Enapou of Poni-Camp

and more with DJ: Wakaan spinning the tunes. It was a great show and thoroughly enjoyed by all. And, yes, I do have a hangover.

I also want to say thanks to my good friend Rob Schwartz from Billboard magazine taking the time out to grace us with his presence. I introduced Rob to Enapo of Poni-Camp and told him that this was a legendary girl in the Japanese punk rock scene. I promised to send Rob some information on Enapo and then decided, "Hey! This is interesting enough for a blog!" So, Rob and all my other friends, welcome to Poni-Camp and Enapo! 

This is a great explanation that I found on Youtube and decided that this says it all. Enjoy!

ENAZOU (later changing her name to ENAPOu) was the guitarist for LOLITA No.18. With her years with the band, the band was produced by Joey Ramone (RAMONES), as well as Olga from THE TOY DOLLS. 

Lolita 18 - Rockaway Beach (with Joey Ramone)

Touring the United States and Europe several times, they were able to release off of BMG (Germany) and made their Europe debut. 

Lolita 18 "Love Your Money"

Enapo left Lolita 18 in 2001 and formed PONI-CAMP inviting RAY the ex-bassist of THE JET BOYS (at that time, his name was Suzuki) and NOBU NAKAJIMA from DOMINGOS and NINGEN-ISU. The three also perform as a backing band for PUFFY AmiYumi. On a TV show they appeared on with PUFFY AmiYumi, they were asked to put their bands name on the TV screen. ENAPOu quickly came up with PONI-CAMP.

The band started playing in 2005, and in this day and age where digital media is everything, their first recording was a cassette tape (3 tracks). As ENAPOu also is an illustrator, she designed the jacket art herself. RAY took care of the recording and the dubbing and packaging was done all the band themselves. A perfect example of a DIY release! Then in December of 2005, they released their first CDEP /(U.U)..[uu](7 tracks). They even took part in the save CBGB movement.

(Here is a video link to my favorite Poni-Camp song!)
Poni-Camp - First Step

Poni-Camp (L to R): Ray, Nobu Nakajima, Enapo

As the guitarist for PUFFY AmiYumi, the very talented ENAPO played in the Macys Day Parade in New York and is a voice actress in hit anime TV shows like BECK and Oden-kun.

In 2006, following a great demand for their music, they did another cassette tape release. That led to their first full album release Lop-Eared POP STAR☆(12 tracks) in November of the same year.

ENAPOu sings in TEKIWANATAIN (words & music: Elvis Woodstock (Lily Franky)) the theme song of the anime Oden-kun and released a single through avex trax.

Oden - Kun To Enapou - Tekiwanatain Oden

 PONI-CAMP have been extremely active in playing shows with no show of slowing down. This is a band to keep an eye out for!!!

Also! Enapo plays guitar for Duncan's Divas. Duncan's Diva's features Duncan Redmonds, the drummer and vocalist for Snuff. Duncan's Divas covers J-Pop idol hits in punk rock versions and their 2008 debut album sold 90,000 copies!

Duncan's Divas - Present

Enapo and Poni-Camp are definitely a legendary Japanese Punk Band.... The world over!

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