Thursday, December 23, 2010

Unbelievable Pick Up Line... And it worked!

Get this... Some dumb Japanese woman went to Australia where she met a man who told her that he could see the future and that she would die if she didn't have sex with him.... The headline reads:

Japanese tourist claims man told her: 'You must have sex with me or die'

Ridiculous pick up line, right? Yeah. Funny.... But it actually worked!

News Com AU reports:

A NORTHERN Territory man said he could see into the future and told a Japanese tourist she would die if they did not have sex on a "sacred site," a court was told.

The woman said the man told her he could see her dying in hospital in three years time if she rejected his advances while at Ubirr Rock, a popular Kakadu site of ancient cave art, reported the NTnews.

The woman's allegations were heard at a committal hearing in Darwin Magistrate's Court this week.

Magistrate Michael Carey dismissed the four charges of sexual intercourse without consent against the man saying the woman's evidence was unreliable, contradictory in some places and "did not hang together".

"There is no way (a jury) would convict on her evidence," Mr Carey said.

This woman must be one of the stupidest - or most gullible - people in the world.

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Anonymous said...

There's one born every minute...

Mark said...

My Japanese wife had a two-night stand in Hawaii after the front desk clerk came to investigate her robbery report. Get this line: Can I practice my Japanese with you?

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