Friday, December 17, 2010

Japan Still Has Global Warming - at Least on TV

Japan can boast that her news and broadcasting is on par with the best the mass media in the west can offer: The news in this country is a big joke too.

I've worked in the mass media for thirty years. Most of those in Japan.  During that time, I've been forced to report a lot of nonsense about panics and pandemics that were going to kill us all; SARS, Swine Flu, ad nauseum....

So, after being used as a tool for scaremongering, I got just a little, well, jaded about this sort of thing....

There are some rules that you should remember about anything you see/hear on TV:

1) You cannot believe anything that you see/hear on TV or radio. Take nothing at face value. If money is involved then you should be suspicious about anything and everything "they" say.

2) That includes sports. Sports are big money entertainment. Never forget that. If you think your favorite professional sport is completely on the up-and-up then you are very deluded.

3) Swine Flu, SARS, Bird Flu, Global Warming are all a big joke.

Let me talk briefly about #3. Especially the part about Global Warming. People who know me well know that I said in 2007 that Global Warming was a big joke. In fact, many will remember that I predicted that we wouldn't even hear that term anymore by the end of 2010....

I think I'm pretty close to being correct. After 30 years of being in mass media and reporting lies about diseases, politics, wars; after being a professional sports announcer too.... I've come to have a healthy skepticism and insiders knowledge about all this BS that you get from mass media....

But, back to the Global Warming nonsense...The other day - on particularly warm November afternoon, I was walking with a guy who is the programming chief of one of the most powerful broadcasting networks in Japan. We were going to lunch together and walking across the street when he said,

"Wow! It's warm today!... And it's going to keep getting warmer too!"

I was surprised at that last comment and asked him what he meant. He just replied,

"Global Warming!"

Now, this was well after the Climate-Gate Scandal about how those pseudo-scientists were caught changing data and bending rules to fit their agenda... It was well after that news hits the west and everyone and their sister had finally seen the light that so-called Man-Made Global Warming was just another scam to take our tax money or get the public to spend on new products.... (Please refer to rule #1 above).

I told him that was nonsense and asked him if he knew anything about Climate-Gate. He didn't. Never heard of it.

Think about that for a second folks. Here's a guy who is the chief of programming for one of the most powerful broadcasting networks in Japan and he still thinks Man-Made Global Warming is real. What are the ramifications of a person in his position of power still believing this nonsense? What are the ramifications of this towards broadcasting policy to a network that is tuned into by 50 to 100 million Japanese a day?

Trust that I have know this guy for years, he is my friend, so he wasn't pulling my leg or trying to convince me that Global Warming was real even if he didn't believe it himself. He was dead serious.

I bring this up because I was on the train yesterday and I saw a poster about new household products being sold to japanese housewives. They claimed that the time was running out to use some sort of "Eco-points" discount for new products that cut CO2 by 30%, etc., etc., blah, blah....

I chuckled when I saw that poster.

I reckon Japan, as an exporting nation, needs Man made Global Warming to sell product. Thusly, Japan will have Man Made Global Warming for many years to come - in spite of the weather - until Japanese manufacturers sell the current and future models that were designed to capitalize on the Global Warming scare.

And that's the way it is in Japan.

Mike Rogers reporting from Tokyo on another especially cold December day.


You might enjoy this that I found on Lew Rockwell today:

British Politician Bashed the Climate Change Baloney by David Kramer

I remember the good old days (in other words, just a few months ago) when “climate change” (You mean the climate changes??? And here I thought it stayed constant. Okay, it actually does stay constant—IF YOU LIVE IN SAN DIEGO.) was called “global warming.” But ever since people have started to notice that the Emperor keeps changing his “scientific” statistics to rationalize his non-existent global “warming,” the One World Government folks now use the nebulous phrase “climate change.” I wonder if climate change is as dangerous as food change (something I do every meal) or clothes change (something I do every morning—including underwear)?

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