Sunday, December 5, 2010

Japanese 60's Group Sounds!

Hey! I got a great mail from a Japanese Group Sounds expert! Check it out:

細釘 (nail) has left a new comment on your post "Japanese Beatles: The Tigers (1967)": 

Hey, I'm glad to see an English article about Group Sounds! I'm a big fan of Julie (Sawada Kenji)!!!!!!

btw, The Tigers' song was called "Seaside Bound", not "Seaside Band". They kept singing "Seaside Bound, Go Bound....."

And also I think u missed one of the most outstanding GS band Blue Comets. 
Before The Tigers' debut, Blue Comets and The Spiders were the top 2 groups in Japan. Then, The Tigers signed to Watanabe and The Tempters signed to Spiduction which was founded by the leader of The Spiders. These 2 new groups became teens idols, esp girls! The popularity of Blue Comet and The Spiders was replaced by theirs, mostly The Tigers'.

The Tigers was also regard as The King of Group Sounds.

Thanks Nail!

Blue Comets - Blue Eyes

(The Blue Comets also appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show!)

The Spiders - You Were Young Then

The Tempters - Mother

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