Sunday, December 5, 2010

Gary North Saves Me $400 on Christmas!

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Gary North's Tip of the Week - December 04, 2010 #1 Christmas
  So, you want to get a present for your parents.  You don't
want to spend much money.  Free is best of all.  You want it to
be appreciated.  You want it to be used.  You want it to hold its

  Best of all, what if you could use it yourself?

  I have a suggestion.  But there is a trade-off between time
and money.  The longer you delay, the less likely you will decide
to give it.  That's because it's a do-it-yourself present.

  Produce a DVD of the family videos that you have taken this
year.  You have a camcorder, right?  But have you sat down to
edit the videos?  Probably not.  You just never seem to get
around to it.

  Get around to it.  Next week.  Maybe even today.

  Grandparents like videos of the grandchildren, but parents
never seem to produce them.  Parents don't view them.  They never
get made.  Yet they are useless in a chip.  Even if they are
online on Facebook, they are scattered snippets.

   A DVD will satisfy both sets of grandparents.

   A 20-minute video is OK.  It does not have to be longer than
this.  If you put in only the really fun things, you can keep it
short.  But you will have to spend time editing.  There is still
time to do it before Christmas.

   You probably have video editing software in your computer.

   If not, it's free as a download.  Microsoft offers Movie
Maker 2.6 for free.  It's for Vista and Windows 7.


   If you won't do it for grandparents, you probably won't do it
for yourself.  So, why not do it?

   There is a great side benefit.  Both sets of grandparents
will then nag their other children unmercifully.  "Why don't you
make us a DVD, too?"  So, they will have to ask you how you did
it.  When was the last time they asked your opinion?  It's about

Gary "Cheap Gifts" North
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