Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Japan Makes World Largest Hamburger - 136 kilograms (299.2 pounds)

2010 was a pretty lousy year for Japan. China surpassed Japan as the #2 economy; the Japanese government allowed public debt to hit over 200% of GDP; Toyota recalled 10 million cars; I have lost count of how many prime ministers we had this year and the Yomiuri Giants didn't win the Japan Series.... Again!

Well, there is one thing that can can, er, stand proud about, sort of... Japan now has the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest hamburger in the world.

From Breitbart:

MIYAZAKI, Japan, Dec. 27 (AP) - (Kyodo)—A giant hamburger, which was created in the city of Miyazaki last year and weighed 136.2 kilograms, has been certified as the world's largest hamburger on sale by the Guinness Book of World Records, its producer said Monday.

The hamburger -- 92 centimeters in diameter, 44 centimeters in height -- was made during a beach event on July 4, 2009, by Phoenix Seagaia Resort, the operator of Seagaia resort facilities in MiyazakiPrefecture.

We're #1! We're #1! We're #1!  (Looks awful)

It aimed at making a hamburger that weighed more than 113 kg as the population of the prefecture stands at 1.13 million.

Phoenix Seagaia sold two hamburgers of that size to a corporation and a vocational school in Miyazaki at 150,000 yen each before applying for the Guinness record.

The giant hamburger was made from beef, pork and milk from Miyazaki Prefecture and 15 people were needed to work for around one week to complete it, the company said. 

Here is a video of last year's monster:

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Anonymous said...

A true whopper!

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