Monday, December 6, 2010

Love Free Music? You'll love this!

Shit! Radio is dead. Check this out. 

From the Lefsetz Letter:

> It's a fad.  A program to be superseded like spell checkers
> were incorporated into word processors, like Microsoft wrote
> its own browser to kill Netscape.  But right now, IT FEELS SO GOOD!
> Here's the story.  A guy wrote a program that searches
> YouTube and and creates a Web-based Spotify.  Free.
> Until the rights holders find some way to tear it town.  Soon.
> Unfortunately, you need an invitation.  But if you had one
> you'd be e-mailing absolutely everybody you know, you
> wouldn't be able to sign off, your significant other would be
> begging you come to bed, you'd be forgoing meals, SINCE IT'S
> First level:  Popular In The U.S.
> Imagine a chart where you could see what everybody else is
> listening to and hear it immediately.  The rights holders'
> worst nightmare.  They want you to WAIT!  As if every time
> you clicked on a link in your browser you had to wade through
> a commercial.  Better yet, if the Internet was not
> interactive at all, if you could only watch it, like television.
> We live in a social, networked world.  I ain't gonna tune in
> your radio station and listen to your music, but I will fire
> up Tubeify and play a few snippets of what you're listening
> But that's not the true attraction, that's not why I'm
> writing this.  The secret sauce is Time Travel.
> Come on, you do this all the time in your mind.  Into the
> past.  And what do they say, music is the soundtrack to your
> life?  What if you could instantly jet back to yesterday and
> listen to those songs you know so well from the radio.
> Of course you can do this yourself.
> You can buy a Joel Whitburn book, search "Billboard" charts
> online...and then surf to find the specific tracks.  Which
> will take you fucking FOREVER, to the point where you won't.
> That's the key to Tubeify.  By making it easy, by giving it
> context, it makes music FUN!
> You remember FUN, right?  That thing that puts a smile on
> your face?  That makes you feel great about being alive?
> So, after logging into Tubeify and clicking on "Top Charts
> With Time Travel" on the right-hand side of your browser
> window you're confronted with...
> Are you a Mac user?
> Please, if you're not, buy a machine, it's pretty cheap, then
> you'll know what I'm talking about.
> Macs have a backup feature entitled "Time Machine".  You hook
> up an extra hard drive and it automatically backs up your
> computer.  Entirely.  Hell, you can even do it wirelessly!
> Believe me, it pays, my Seagate crashed two months ago...
> Anyway, when you launch Time Machine, on the right-hand side
> of the screen you see a timeline...  The Tubeify timeline is
> identical.  You navigate to the era you want to investigate.
> Let me put it this way.  Do you want to see/hear the top hits
> of any fucking era of your LIFETIME?
> 2010 is winding down.  The days are short and in a winter
> mood I'm reflecting, and I go back to 1966 and...
> I hear all the songs that were hits then.
> Then 1965.
> And the memories are flowing back.  Songs I know but don't
> think about.  Jay & the Americans' "Let's Lock The Door (And
> My parents were burned out on Vermont, when we went over
> Christmas the skiing got rained out.  So they booked us into
> this Catskills venue with a piss-poor ski area and tons of
> other activities.  Like a nightclub.  Outside of which they
> played tunes, LIKE THIS ONE!
> P.S. It rained and we lost a day of skiing anyway!
> Better yet is "I'm A Believer".  That was a hit at
> Christmastime 1966. I STILL HAVEN'T BURNED OUT ON IT!
> Shit, I'm listening to Sam the Sham, Paul Revere's "Good
> Thing", "Downtown", this is cooler than any movie, any TV
> You see we live in an era of chaos.  And Tubeify makes it
> comprehensible.
> The rights holders shouldn't kill it, they should AUTHORIZE
> IT!  Load it up with ads, make a killing during its brief
> lifetime, before it's superseded by something else, like
> everything is online.  Did you read that MySpace is for sale?
> Warner complained that Activision was paying too little for
> "Guitar Hero" songs.  And now "Guitar Hero" IS DEAD!
> Online is not about saying no, it's about saying YES!
> I know, that's hard to fathom for people who need order, who
> insist on control.  But we lost control ten years ago, when
> everybody got a high speed connection and went in his own
> direction, willy-nilly.  Embrace the new world.  There's
> nothing in any other art form to compete.  You couldn't have
> a Tubeify of movies or television, it just wouldn't work,
> they're long form art forms.  Whereas music is BITE-SIZED!
> It'll spread like wildfire.
> But the rights holders will kill it.
> Spotify embraces Facebook.  Everything's coming together as
> opposed to falling apart.
> I'm looking at a chart from 1965, week 6.  Number 1 is
> "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'".  But number 2 is
> "Downtown"!  I won't pull  it up independently, but in
> context, as a memory of junior high school, IT KILLS!
> Ditto for Jewel Akens' "The Birds And The Bees", number 40 this week.
> "Goldfinger" is number 85.  Remember lining up to see this
> movie?  Remember when they flipped the pool table over to
> reveal a model of Fort Knox?
> "He Was Really Sayin' Something"...  I haven't heard this in DECADES!
> And not only is there the chart numbers, but a popularity
> rating, so those who may not have been alive back then can
> see what really is the fan favorite, chart numbers don't
> always tell the story.  Number 1 is "I Feel Fine"!  And you
> can see the YouTube clip RIGHT IN THE WINDOW!
> It's like I'm right back in Connecticut, in 7th Grade.  I can
> see the halls of my junior high, family vacations, people who
> are dead have come back to life.  THIS IS FANTASTIC!

Go here and request an invitation!>

Go here and request an invitation:

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