Wednesday, December 22, 2010

South Korea Continues to Provoke and Antagonize North Korea

Just when North Korea lowers tensions by agreeing to come to talks, South Korea announces a live fire drill that would piss off anyone!

From ABC News:

South Korea says it will hold its largest-ever live-fire drill near the military border with North Korea on Thursday, just as tension on the peninsula eases after Pyongyang's attack on a southern island.

The drill, involving artillery, fighter jets and the largest number of personnel in a peace-time exercise, comes after the South's live-fire artillery exercise on Monday on the island of Yeonpyeong and is bound to infuriate the North.
North Korea this week offered to re-admit UN inspectors concerned about its nuclear weapon program, leading to speculation of a resumption of six-party disarmament talks and a general sigh of relief around the world that the crisis had passed.

I wrote before that this entire episode is calculated to provoke North Korea. Is there anyone in the world who could possibly doubt the purpose of South Korea and the United States to start an international incident that could lead to war?

My case rests.

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