Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Godzilla Lawyers? Meet Middle-Finger Zilla

The lawyers for Godzilla seem to claim that any sort of dinosaur image usage or use of the word "Zilla" is an infringement upon their rights for the Godzilla character. I think I can show you today where they are wrong.

Just recently, they got into it with Apple lawyers over Finger-zilla.

A while back they threatened a mom and pop barbecue restaurant.

Well, I am now convinced that these Godzilla lawyers couldn't really win in court. Why? Well dinosaur characters can't be copy-written unless they are totally unique and a T-Rex is not totally unique. And the next part: Zilla is the name of an ancient plant species that grows in the Saharan desert.

Since it is ancient, I'd guess it came before a 1950's B-Grade horror flick.

Now, to blow them thar lawyers out of the water, here's Gigantis! (Not to be confused with Godzilla...)

Wait a minute! Gigantis looks like Godzilla's anemic little sister! How could those lawyers claim that Godzilla is unique?

The name isn't and the character certainly isn't!

If Godzilla lawyers send anyone a cease and desist order, show them this. Those Godzilla lawyers are bluffing!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Any self respecting follower of Godzilla and his (her?---) its parentage, will know that he/she/it is part gorilla (the "Go" part of the name) and part whale (Japanese = Kujira; the other part of the name). Not a trace of dinosaur in him/her/it.

Cheers Mike. Always fun.

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