Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Global Warming Strikes Again! Canals in Venice, Italy Freeze Over - Worst Snow in 27 Years

Just to show, once again, that this current cold streak that is hitting Japan - and hard, is not localized to this country (as I pointed out before).

Here's some news from Venice Italy. The canals have frozen over!

Canals of Venice frozen over

ABC News has the story: Wolves scavenge as Italians take shelter from biting cold

Wolves scavenged in isolated snow-covered villages, the canals in Venice froze over, and the death toll rose to 30 as freezing weather continued across Italy on Tuesday.
Snow kept falling in the north of Italy, with temperatures dropping to minus 25 degrees Celsius in Marcesina on the shores of Lake Garda, and there was black ice in Calabria and Sardegna in the south.

Life in the centre of Rome returned to normal after days of chaos in the wake of the heaviest snowfall in 27 years, but schools remained closed and thousands in the surrounding region were still without electricity or heating.
The capital's main shopping thoroughfare, the Via del Corso in the historic centre, was closed to traffic after fears vast ice-sheets could slide off roofs and plummet onto passing pedestrians and vehicles.
Biting temperatures and widespread snow and ice have caused up to 500 million euros ($610 million) worth of damages to Italy's agriculture sector so far, the Confagricoltura association said.
The cold snap is forecast to continue at least until the weekend.

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