Friday, February 17, 2012

Japan is Earthquake Capital of the World Visualization Animated Map

After the March 11, 2011 Tohoku earthquake, tsunami and subsequent Fukushima nuclear power plant accident, I was inundated with all sorts of ridiculous mails claiming that I was working for the nuclear industry or an "nuclear apologist." The more absurd ones were from people who claimed that the March 11 disaster was caused by HAARP or, as Benjamin Fulford claimed, "The USA detonating a nuclear bomb undersea off the coast of Japan."

All nonsense. I am no expert on HAARP but I like to think I know a tad bit about Japan. Japan has a hell of a lot of earthquakes. We had two yesterday that I felt. We have them almost everyday... Hell, we have hundreds of them everyday. Don't believe me?

Well, then watch this. Here is an animated map of earthquake activity in Japan in 2011. See if you can find where the nuclear attacks were:


Mr. Nobody said...

Hello Mike,

What is your opinion of Mr. Fulford? Is he mad? Or has he been simply subjected to a lot of disinformation mixed in with truth? Does he suffer the same fault that many of us also have; that being the inability to discriminate between an assertion and an argument?

Anonymous said...

I understand that the bureau chief of Voice of America (VOA)said that Mr. F was invited to speak at a foreign Press Club of Japan once. There, Mr. F spoke about 9/11 being an inside job. I am told it was an interesting speech. Then, after that, Mr. F wanted to continually return and talk about the same subject and bring other speakers. As the press club was that - a press club - they schedule various speakers weekly and judged that others needed their time to talk about their various topics of interest. Mr. F then began to make rumors and actually stated publicly that the person in charge of VOA was actually an undercover agent for the CIA... This caused much trouble and that person sued Mr. F in court and won on libel charges... I have also heard from others who have actually been to Mr. F's home and they reported items such as voodoo type of religious artifacts and displays all over the home, a kitchen that was filthy and rat infested, a bathroom that had a bath filled with wooden branches from a tree and a home that was generally not in living condition. This person told me that, after that, he began to question Mr. F's sanity.
Another very close friend went to Mr. F's meeting once where Mr. F was to provide proof of said HAARP attack on Japan yet, at that meeting, there was no such mention of that topic at all... Just seemingly random ramblings....
I have been asked by three different people not to discuss this stuff so I don't.

mike in tokyo rogers said...

Mr. Fulford,
My opinion? I wonder why he has been chosen as the spokesman for a secret underground organization that no one has ever heard of... So, take it from there. There's so much nutty sh*t going on in the world today nothing surprises me anymore. I'm sure he is a very interesting guy.

Mr. Nobody said...

Hello Mike,

How much of a “big deal” is Mr. Fulford in Japan? I see his posts and videos every once in awhile in the English/USA side of the web, but I'm curious about the Japanese side of things.

I must say that I've watched somewhere around a couple to a few of his videos. It appears that almost all of his claimed sources are underworld figures.

My hunch is that Occam's Razor in Mr. Fulford's case cuts pretty deep. He previously had the tendency to step on some pretty big toes. For example, he was the first person that I know of who mentioned the alleged crime figure who received that heart transplant in the USA, ahead of much more deserving people.

Whether he is the subject of a disinformation campaign, gone mad, or is actually a member of a powerful secret organisation, I am unsure of.,

Is it possible that the secret society that his frequently mentions, might only have one real member, that being Mr. Fulford?

mike in tokyo rogers said...

Hi Mr. N,
In japan, very few people know who Mr. Fulford is. I don't think any Japanese do. The only member? Perhaps. Gone mad? That seems plausible... But you know what they say, genius and insane are close. I am a graduate of Matsuzawa hospital so far be it from me to label anyone as crazy.

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