Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rant: What I Dislike About Many Greens and Environmentalists - Understanding Human Motivations

Let me start off by saying that we need to protect the environment. We need to keep the beaches, rivers, lakes and land clean. We need to take care of ourselves and our earth for our children and their children and their children's children. But we also need to wake up and see what is really important in our lives.

Snowing like crazy in Tokyo... Global warming, don't you know?

Now to the point: I'm really fed up with self-righteous militant and nearly militant Greens and Environmentalists. I am sick and tired of their ignorant and ill considered ideas. I am really disgusted by their "holier than thou" attitude and thinking that they are always right and you are always wrong. They are just as bad as religious zealots: I don't mind someone having their religion and their beliefs. Great! Do as they wish. But do not try to push these beliefs on me or other people. I really don't like their abrasive and antagonistic attitudes.

I also wonder just how stupid these people can be. On one hand they will complain about the government being completely corrupt and in bed with big business when it comes to things like nuclear accidents and BP oil spills... Or banking corruption and the destruction of the working class... Yet, on the other hand, they want the government to tax us so that they can take care of the environment? Astounding!

This is a government, in Japan's case for exapmple, that can't even handle the bookkeeping properly and now has the country on the ledge of bankruptcy and people want to give them more money!? That would be like handing care of your household finances to a crack addict and expecting that he will take care of things properly. 

Today it is snowing and it is snowing hard. This is at least the sixth time this year it has snowed in Tokyo. This is the hardest and deepest snow I have ever seen here. In the 27 years I have been here it has never snowed more than twice in any winter. Most winters it doesn't snow at all; and if it does, the snow melts immediately upon hitting the ground. But this is at least six times in one year! To illustrate the rarity of this more, just one month ago, on Jan. 24, it snowed more than 4 cm in Tokyo and that was the most snow in 6 years. Today's snow is much more than that!  

Thousands of people have died in Europe, almost 100 in Japan, because of this winters cold and snow... It is the coldest winter in nearly 30 years... But is it a fluke? Nope. Just two years ago, they said the winter of 2009 ~ 2010 was devastatingly cold. This year, 2012, is the death of the Global Warming Cult. R.I.P.

The rule of thumb is that if there is a crisis and the government comes along and says, "pay us more money and we'll take care of it for you." Then a wise person (and I do mean wise and intelligent experienced and thoughtful person) would automatically become suspicious. Trust me. Over 3 decades in the mass media and many years as a station news director makes me much more of an expert on that than any university professor.

Trust that everything you see or hear is told to you by someone who has a motivation for it. If it is on TV or media or in publications, then you can pretty much be safe in assuming that there is a strong profit motivation. If it comes from any government or quasi-government source (that includes your government, the UN, the IPCC, etc.) then you can be 100% sure there is a profit motivation. Motivation is the key word. If you do not understand this simple concept then educate yourself right now with this short video. It's a simple course in Praxeology, the science of understanding the purposeful behavior of human beings:  

Yesterday I posted about some Japanese kids terrorizing some monkeys in a zoo. In Japan, this didn't make national news. Please refer to: Kids Acting Like Animals Have to Apologize to Animals:

It also shows a good thing about Japan: Even though these kids were drinking underage and throwing fireworks, nobody claims that stricter laws need to be made for firework sales or alcohol sales.

Everyone knows that these kids were just causing trouble. People in Japan generally don't think about passing laws to try to make people into good human beings.

My point was that, in the west, people are confused with the role of government and personal responsibility. One intelligent reader also pointed out that, had this been in the west, it would have hit national news with an outpouring of sympathy for these animals and a public outcry for severe punishment meted out:

If this happened in the UK or US, the response would have been tremendous, and out of all proportion compared to the effects.

Since the animals were at a zoo, and therefore famous; the sentencing would be much more severe for the perpetrators, because the media would drum up the war chant of “murder the marauders who caused mayhem to the monkeys!” Plus in our modern era, what else is there in life, but to become famous? To be blunt, how else could a judge or attorney become famous, but to listen to the mob, and give them what they want?

In a similar city, there would probably be hundreds of poor homeless people that nobody cares about, and who would've wound up eating out of rubbish skips, and sleeping under bridges...

The militant Greens will gladly destroy people, property, business and lives to save the earth... They wouldn't lift a finger to save a human life. Here's an example: When making a program satire of the entire Global Warming Debate (being neither pro nor con) in 2007, an irate listener called the broadcast station and threatened to, 

"Come down to the broadcast station and set it on fire and kill everyone inside!"

I laughed and told him that,

"Please come along and try. I will be waiting for you alongside the local police and the fire department."

We never heard from him again. That was in Tokyo. Like I said, this has been one of the coldest winters in a long time... I wonder if he is still thinking about running around and setting buildings on fire? If he is, it's probably just to stay warm.

There are many, far too many of these militant (may I say frickin' crazy) people running around. They will violently protest the killing of 600 non-endangered species of dolphins in Japan (because, as the reader commented they are "famous" - and animals are "cute") but I don't see them protesting their own countries involvement with US and NATO bombing and the starvation tactics and killing of millions of Iraqi people and children...

Or for another example, there are people who are taking dog and cat food to the Fukushima disaster area to feed strays. I don't get it. There's 400,000 people there with lives shattered. Thousands of children have lost parents and siblings. Tens of thousands are still live in temporary shelters and these people are spending their time helping stray animals? 

If you think that organizations like PETA do a good job, think again. Read this:
PETA kills more than 95% of all animals in its care.

Where are these twisted people's priorities? (Watch the video again: Money).

I am not pleased about this killing of pets or dolphins either, but instead of going and fighting about that, I have, for example, thousands of children with incurable diseases like deadly cancer that need help in my back yard right now. Pardon me for having twisted priorities but I think I'll spend my time helping handicapped and crippled and terminally ill kids... I can't stop people from feeding the animals or pigeons in the park, but I have to wonder where their priorities are.  

If you are going to talk the talk, walk the walk...

People have got to start thinking with their analytical minds, if they have any left. There was a time, several years ago, I was having a discussion with an extremely confused German friend. He insisted that,

"We need the government to make rules outlawing guns."

I completely disagreed. He then added,

"If the government doesn't make laws outlawing guns, then crazy and dangerous people will have guns!"

"You mean, like they do now?" I retorted.

If you believe that guns cause crimes and murders then you must believe that cameras cause child pornography. 

Personally, I don't think so. (By the way, Canada has many more guns per capita than the USA and does not have a gun murder problem so don't tell me that the USA problem is because of guns.)

Like, I said, people need to open their eyes and stop taking the propaganda they hear and see as gospel truth... 

The best thing would be for people to start thinking for themselves. But that might be asking for too much.

NOTE: It warms my heart to see other writers who think along the same lines as I do. Here's one of my favorites with an article that just came out. His name is James Delingpole: Why I am so rude to Warmists

Here's a TV report about today's snow:


Anonymous said...

Yeesh, and if all that wasn't bad enough, have you seen what they've come up with now?:

"... According to another spate of articles hitting the Internet, humans may miniaturize as a result of global warming." ...

mike in tokyo rogers said...

Excellent news. Thank you. This is good news as it will help to shrink the population!

diego.a said...

That would explain why all Nordic people are so short and skinny:

That was my attempt at sarcasm.

Has this harsh winter meant cooler summers for Tokyo?

mike in tokyo rogers said...

Hey diego.a,
Last summer was hot as summers are. Two years ago, the summer wasn't a summer at all. Three years ago it was hotter than hell....

Murasaki Shikibu said...

The Internet is littered with racist and murderous comments by people who call themselves animal activists or conservationists. The two aren't necessarily the same thing at all since many animal activists will want to save the lives of animals even if it means destroying the ecosystem, i.e feral animals. These people are the same as religious fundamentalists in many ways. For example, science is only valid so long as it supports their preconceived beliefs.

Mark Davis said...

The Global Warming Scam is one of the ways that elite are using to transfer power from national to international political organizations like the UN. The goal is to set up a taxing authority which then, of course, requires legislative "teeth" ala enforcement bodies. The GW cultists are now the "deniers".

Mr. Nobody said...

Hi Mike,

I agree. Many environmentalists seem, well, mental. I'm 100% for conservation, and 80-90% against environmentalism.

For many people, I think environmentalism is a fashion statement. It goes against the mainstream, and lets the environmentalist view themselves as better than the hoi polloi.

They use many MW of energy travelling as tourists all over the globe, but they then recycle their plastics, so it effectively assuages their guilt.

They buy an expensive hybrid, for the cool factor, even though 60-80% of a car's energy usage goes solely into the car's production. It would have been more environmentally friendly driving their old car into the ground, but then they wouldn't have a car they could brag about.

You get the idea. 20+ years ago, I believe that most of these people would have been Communists/Marxists/Anarchists, not because of any die hard political views, but as a statement against the mainstream...

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