Wednesday, February 8, 2012

US Propaganda for War With Iran: Claims Iran Training "Female Ninjas" to Fight USA! (With Video "Proof")

The propaganda coming out of Washington pushing for war on Iran is laughable. Now, MSNBC is claiming that Iran is training women to become ninjas (with the insinuation they are to fight the USA and Israel).

Ninjas!? Heavens! What will we ever do? This nonsense is just too stupid to be believed. But it's true. Here's a screen capture of the Tweet from MSNBC on Twitter:

At the bottom, you can see the name Willie Geist. This clown is the host of this TV program. Once again, I am proven correct: TV is brain damage. Here is the "news" >cough< report. 

Should the USA attack Iran before they are fully ninja-ized? You be the judge.

Ahem, I'm sure there was a news report on Iranian TV for a women's club that enjoys "ninja" training, but, like everywhere else, it's like boxing for women or karate... That it makes Iranian news shows its "human interest" factor and how just "unique" this is to even Iranian society.

The guy who owns the training facility is a smart businessman... Probably regular old Karate class enrollment was down.

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