Saturday, February 4, 2012

Global Warming Strikes Again! Japan and Europe Snowed Under with Record Cold and Snow!

As everyone knows, Global Warming causes the earth to get warmer and colder!

The nation experienced severe cold weather Friday with temperatures dropping to record lows at 38 locations in the morning, the Meteorological Agency said. From Tohoku to Kyushu, temperatures hit their lowest records in 16 prefectures, including the town of Kusu in Oita Prefecture, where temperature fell to minus 14.7 degrees. In Mashiki, Kumamoto Prefecture, it was minus 8.4. Of 927 observation points, over 90 percent, or 874 sites, marked temperatures below zero early Friday, the agency said. The lowest figure observed was minus 32.6 in Esashi, Hokkaido. The agency said the cold air mass that led to blizzards in several Sea of Japan coastal areas has now passed over the archipelago.... 

"Based on our forecast, February's temperatures nationwide will be lower" than in normal years, Ishihara said. "We project low temperatures will continue through March and April, but excluding Hokkaido and the Tohoku region."

In Japan's Shiga Prefecture, the snow was so bad that the government Self-Defense Forces (SDF) were called in to help with rescue and snow removal work. It was the first time in 31 years that the SDF's help had been requested. In many areas the snow was as high as 3 meters (about 9ft 8 inches deep).

That it is so damned cold in Japan with freezing cold hitting new records should be no surprise to anyone. Extreme weather conditions have savaged the earth since the beginning of time. In fact, when you judge the history of the earth at over 4 million years with the time it’s been since man started keeping records (since 1878) to assume that we can judge the weather by computer modeling based on "assumptions" is probably nonsense.
Who was it who said, “You know what happens when you assume? You make an ass out of you and me” (assume = ass + u + me).
To show, again that this is not a local phenomenon, here is extreme cold weather in Europe, continuing, as the Daily Mail Reports:
  • Capital of Italy usually has moderate temperatures but Colosseum is closed over ice fears
  • Military on alert in the UK as temperatures drop and heavy snow fall is predicted 
  • Over 11,000 villagers in Serbia remain trapped by heavy snow and blizzards
  • Temperatures across eastern Europe plummet to -30c amid fears of more deaths
  • Death toll in Ukraine now stands at 101, with 38 people being killed by cold last night

NOTE: In Switzerland, are always measured lower temperatures. Some places experienced the coldest February night for over 30 years

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Anonymous said...

A few years ago after a particulary warm summer here in the UK it was 'Start planting cactus in your gardens and look forward to wine production in Scotland' and now with a brief spell of cold weather in Winter (shock, horror, death) it's 'Get out and buy your artic survival suit because we're going into a mini ice age'

The 'experts' have absolutely no idea what they are talking about as to what what causes these changes in weather and even less idea how to forecast what might come next. They do know, however, that to claim some crisis is a good way to get grants and funding

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