Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kids Acting Like Animals Have to Apologize to Animals

A bunch of screwed up kids decide that they were going to raise hell at a zoo and threw a bunch of fireworks into a Monkey pen for laughs. Totally a cruelty to animals case here.

"Oh! Kids these days! They are hopeless!"

They got busted and as part of their punishment, they were required to apologize to the monkeys.

Japan Today Reports:

Five youths have apologized to the director of Kyoto Zoo after admitting to breaking into the premises early one morning in January and throwing fireworks at the zoo's monkeys. As part of their punishment, the five were ordered to apologize to the monkeys and clean their enclosure, according to a Fuji TV report.

Police say the group, all 18 years of age, consisted of high school students, construction workers and beauticians. According to police, the group had been drinking alcohol before they illegally entered the zoo on Jan 3 and threw lit fireworks into the monkey enclosure, Fuji reported. 

I wonder who translated in monkey language or do these kid's who act like savages not need translations services? But, then again, who am I to talk? I don't remember terrorizing animals when I was drunk, but do remember raising hell... 

It also shows a good thing about Japan: Even though these kids were drinking underage and throwing fireworks, nobody claims that stricter laws need to be made for firework sales or alcohol sales.

Everyone knows that these kids were just causing trouble. People in Japan generally don't think about passing laws to try to make people into good human beings.


Mr. Nobody said...

Hello again Mike!

If I haven”t said it before, thanks for the blog, and the interesting articles. It tends to show a slice of life that most other don't cover. It also compares and contrasts differences in behaviours and cultures.

With all that being said, it make one wonder what the actions of the perpetrators and the criminal justice system's response would be, in a similar situation in other countries...

In Anglo-Saxon countries, it seem strange how there tends to be a tremendous amount of homeless people around, but animals are viewed as possessing more value than poor people,

If this happened in the UK or US, the response would have been tremendous, and out of all proportion compared to the effects.

Since it would have been famous animals, as opposed to someone's pets, they would have been considered more deserving of attention, and therefore life. The media would have had to talk to all sorts of “experts” from the maintenance staff who clean up the dung, to professors in primatology, to figure out not if, but how traumatised and distraught the animals had become.

There would have to be a special fund, for the public to participate in the “healing process,” and an internet webcam for the animals, whilst they undergo their “recovery”

Since the animals were at a zoo, and therefore famous; the sentencing would be much more severe for the perpetrators, because the media would drum up the war chant of “murder the marauders who caused mayhem to the monkeys!” Plus in our modern era, what else is there in life, but to become famous? To be blunt, how else could a judge or attorney become famous, but to listen to the mob, and give them what they want?

In a similar city, there would probably be hundreds of poor homeless people that nobody cares about, and who would've wound up eating out of rubbish skips, and sleeping under bridges...

All the best...

mike in tokyo rogers said...

Mr. Nobody,
YES! YES! YES! Brilliant! A friend and I were talking about this EXACT same subject yesterday! In fact, that was going to be what I was thinking about blogging today! People will whine and fight and even threaten destruction or harm other human beings for protection of a species, Global warming, whales, dolphins, etc... But when it comes to helping the poor or homeless, where is the media help and the "flash" in that? I guess being handicapped, old, dirty and poor isn't "cute" so it doesn't make good imagery... No good imagery, no pulling at heart strings...

Andy "In Japan" said...

Is it important that the animals in question or famous, or is it actually of importance that they are "cute".

Kill an alligator in the zoo? No one cares, it's not cute. How dare you kill a seal pup. It's cuuuuuute. same for a cute little monkey. Awwwwwwwww.

Apologize for burning the Koran by "accident" meaning it was done on purpose but we didn't know you would find out about it. Kill tens if not hundred of thousands or innocent Afghan people, maim and displace countless thousands more; no apology.

People are insane.

mike in tokyo rogers said...

Thanks Andy, I hope you read my following blog post... By the way, how is the winter and snow situation up where you are this year?

Murasaki Shikibu said...

What amazes me is the people who litter any forum with the word 'Japan' in it and leave comments like: You can almost never trust the Japanese, they are just good at gaming the system when they apologize, all **ps should die and so on. Quite a few of these people belong to the anti-whaling lobby and it really does not improve my opinion of that them. This article was no exception to the rule and got its share of Japan hating comments. Glad you wrote this post and gave your perspective on it.

Mr. Nobody said...

Hello Andy,

I believe that they first have to be cute, and then famous.

There are plenty of primates in Africa that are killed, abused, or used as organ grinders in North Africa for thew tourist trade, Nobody seems to care. But a famous, AND cute animal; that is newsworthy


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