Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Super Healthy Breakfast - Raw Food! Live Younger, Longer and Look and Feel Great!

The super healthy breakfast. This is what my son eats everyday! You should too! You'll lose weight, feel great and look years younger. I started eating raw over six years ago and I am never going back the the standard sick diet that everyone eats. I recommend the raw food diet for everyone. It’s also good for all sorts of ailments.


Left: (raw) Grapefruit, strawberries, lettuce, cashews, blueberries, carrots, mini tomatoes, cucumbers, oranges slices, (lightly boiled) broccoli.

Right: Home made raw juice. Ingredients: Cabbage, broccoli and alfalfa sprouts, ginger root, asparagus, carrot, broccoli, Goya, pineapple, oranges, banana, milk.

Not pictured: One half English muffin and two slices bacon.

Note: I usually just have the juice - about one liter and one banana for breakfast. I do not eat the toast and bacon. I am slowly weaning my son off the cooked food. He is now about a 70% raw food eater. I am 95%. 

OK, well, my hair is a disaster (as usual) but I'm 6 months short of 55-years-old in this photo. I know if I stay on the raw food, I can keep this for the next ten years. (Photo taken at 11:40 am Saturday Feb. 11, 2012)

Seriously, I recommend this for everyone. I used to have gout and high blood pressure. But I don't anymore. I wrote about that in Gout Sufferers of the World, Unite!

"... a raw food diet can cure and help alleviate the problems and pains of many diseases and ailments. So, I ordered the book, The Live Food Factor, and tried it. I went 70% raw for the first two months. I also got great tips from the Beating Gout web page.

I've stopped drinking alcohol and I now eat raw foods at least two meals a day. I also try to drink at least three quarts of fresh water every day. I found the advice in the book The Live Food Factor wonderful and I recommend it to you. 

Even though I eat raw at least twice a day, I can tell you that I do feel great. I take no gout medicines and my cholesterol levels are completely normal too. I have also cut my blood pressure medicine dosage by two-thirds and plan on quitting altogether when I get the courage up to eat three raw meals a day.
It has been now seven months and I have had three blood tests that show that my uric acid is well within safe levels and I haven't had any trouble with gout at all. On top of that, I've lost 22 pounds in six months and feel great!"

Annette Larkins at 69 years old.

That was one and one-half years ago. Now I take no medicines and my blood pressure is an extremely healthy 120 / 74! I will never go back to the poison and junk like processed foods that so many people eat today.

And get this: Eating raw food costs nothing extra! There are no catches! It isn't a fancy diet! Raw Food? Eat all you want when you want!

Here's a TON of testimonials from those who have thrown away our modern Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) and gotten back to natural foods:


Anonymous said...

What is the difference between a primal diet and a raw one?

mike in tokyo rogers said...

Basically, not that much. Only primal will allow you cooked meats... No sauces and things like that.

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