Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Giant Fembots in Shinjuku: Hooters in the 25th Century

Did you ever see the Austin Power's movie where the sexy Fembots came out and they fired machine guns from their nipples beneath their pink furry bikin tops? Yeah. OK, then instead of machine gun bullets, imagine of those bullets the Fembots fired were actually yakitori or french fries? Ok, well then you get the picture.

There's a new restaurant opened in Shinjuku that is called the "Robot Restaurant" and it features a rumored $1 million dollar robot show as well as scantily clad women running around serving the customers. There's tons of photos here on Google. Judging from the photos and seeing about the "scatily clad girls" makes me think that this isn't a Disney production and possibly might not be suitable for children...

It costs ¥3000 just to enter, so... I guess it is cheaper than Disneyland! Still, maybe I wouldn't take my kids there. Let's just say it's probably like a "Disneyland for Daddies!"

Leave it to the Japanese to take a "Good Old country home feeling" idea like the, er, "Girl next door" feeling of Hooters (think Denny's with loose women running around - Yeech!) and turn it into the "Jetson's." Maybe with how the Japanese like to torture English (Japanglish) it will be "Hooters meets Jetson's" as in "Jooters!"

I guess it's kind of like a Hooters in the 25th century, sort of....

Of course the restaurant uses iPads for ordering too. My friend says he is going to take me there this week. I'm skeptical... Though very partial to Japanese Fembot girls!!!!

To infinity and beyond!

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