Thursday, July 5, 2012

Real UFO (WTFIT?) Over Tokyo July 4, 2012 - Photographic Evidence

7/4 二子玉川に出没したUFO目撃情報まとめ! (日本語一番した!)

Last night I was headed home by car from the radio station. It was about 8:45 pm when I passed by my train station. There I saw hundreds of people all stopped and looking into the skies and taking photographs. 

I wondered what they were looking at so we stopped the car and got out. I couldn't believe it. There, up in the sky, was a UFO... Or as I would call it a "What the f*ck is that?!" (WTFIT). 

The object was very far into the skies and it was sitting in one place and not moving about, yet it was vibrating and pulsating and slightly changing forms. The edges would turn red. This is what it looked like to the naked eye:

The object wasn't completely spherical and seemed to "wobble" (Photo by Michio Hashimoto)

The object would also, while remaining in the same place, mutate in form (Photo by Michio Hashimoto)

This blew my mind. I thought, "I've waited all my life to see a UFO. Now I've seen one! I have to show my wife and son!" So we rushed home and there, in front of my house, were the neighbors and they were staring at the object in wonderment too!

My next door neighbor, Mr. Yamawaki, is a professional photographer so he had his camera out with a super high quality telephoto lens. These are the pictures he took (at 750 x - so there's no way the naked eye could see these):

At close up, you could see why the object seemed to be "wobbling" from the naked eye: It was blinking and changing forms (Photo by T. Yamawaki)

I began to realize that this wasn't a real UFO...(Photo by T. Yamawaki)

By the time I saw this one, I was sort of sad. I was hoping that there really were aliens! That way maybe I could take the day off from work tomorrow! (Photo by T. Yamawaki)

Finally the object changed into a form like this and then, poof! It disappeared! (Photo by T. Yamawaki)

Just before the UFO vanished, my wife (being the logical one - and former TV news reporter) ran into the house and came back out with the news. She said, "Here's a news update... It's not a UFO... It's some sort of 'electric kite.' It seems to be a possible sales promotion."

"Sh*t!" I thought.... "Now I have to go to work tomorrow." Oh well.... It was great fun while it lasted.

To prove that I am not making this up, here's a story on it from Excite News:

7月4日 二子玉川にUFOが出現した!? Twitterで話題の目撃情報まとめ
と思っていたところで、望遠カメラで撮られた画像がアップされました! デコトラUFO......束の間の話題をありがとう。

7/4 二子玉川に出没したUFO目撃情報まとめ![Togetter]

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Andrew Joseph said...

It's funny. I want to believe, but when confronted with someone who claimed to have seen a space ship (not a UFO), I backed away from him like he was nuts. I was IN a bookstore purchasing a booking called the Corona Incident about the Roswell crash in '47... because I want to believe that they exist and I want to believe that the US is reverse engineering a spaceship at Area 51... but when this guy noticed my book in hand and felt he had a kindred spirit he could talk to, every cynical bone in my body said "Nope. You are nuts." I look back on this often and feel like such a hypocrite.
But... an electric kite? That sounds so cool. I'll bet we hear about a lot more of these close encounters soon enough even though they are not new.

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